Monday, February 8, 2010

Its Definately Not Easy Being Green Nails Did

Okay so in my last post I was super excited because I just got my hands on two Zoya polishes which I had been coveting ON SALE! So tonight I thought I'd try Zoya Veruschka since it was eying me tantalizingly from its bottle.

Here it is with nothing on it. It was actually really surprising to me. Usually I check out a lot of polish sites and swatches before I grab a polish but this one caught my eye right off the shelf and I didn't do any further research into it. So who knew it was going to go on almost like Emerald Sparkle...but then it went matte/shimmer...and then just matte. It was kinda dissapointing that with all that application shimmer that it would kinda just fade away :( So now its just a really dark matte green. But I can work with that.

Oh and before I continue - holy long drying time batman!! I must have smudged my right thumb like two times before it finally set. SO FRUSTRATING!

So I wanted to keep it simple, mostly because I'm not feeling too well and have the sniffles :( So I decided to use a Konad plate and Nubar Wildlife which I haven't gotten a chance to use yet. So this is plate M51's flower design. And then I put a rhinestone in the middle which involved me somehow getting super glue on my tongue! I don't know how these things happen I'm just awesome like that :S

By the way these had to be one of the hardest things to photograph to date! But as you can see the Zoya polish is hardly shimmery and the Nubar polish is just meh. I think Wildlife would be awesome as a base but not so much Konading...or perhaps i just have to find the right base for it. I consider this a mani-fail. So not in love with it but it'll have to do for one day until I find the strength to change it tomorrow. Boo.

Oh and here is a swatch of the Gosh Golden Dragon polish I bought yesterday too. This is two coats. It's kind of a blue/green with a hint of gold. I think it definately would need more than 2 coats if it was going to be your base. But the colour is super!


Charis said...

Slap some clear Topcoat on it and give it another chance! You will be surprised!

gildedangel said...

Very nice, I love it! Golden Dragon looks awesome!

Niki* said...

Thanks Guildedangel! I ended up picking off some rhinestones absent mindedly at work though LOL.

Charis - you're right, I threw a topcoat onto it before I took it off and I liked it much more. Through the day the matte colour did grow on me though, I think I just overdid it with the stones :P

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