Saturday, February 6, 2010

Superbowl Nails Did

Okay they aren't REALLY Superbowl nails but close enough. You see, I have an obstacle in my path to actually doing REAL Superbowl nails and that obstacle is this guy right here:

Now normally I would have featured logos from the teams who are actually IN the superbowl but that isn't going to fly with Ben who as I'm sure you can see is a die hard Giants fan. So I did the best with what I can do without hearing "BOO" all weekend long whenever I flashed my hands.

Thumb (NFL logo): CG Liquid Leather for the black, CG Sexy in the City for the blue, CG White on White for the white and nail art pen for the red

Pointer (NY Giants logo): CH White on White for the base, nail art pens for the blue and red

Middle (Football): Rimmel Torrid for the base, CG White on White

Ring (Field): Nubar Forest for the base, nail art pen for the lines

Pinky (Superbowl Trophy): CG Liquid Leather for the base, nail art pens for the silver and black

Now the pinky I'm not in love if anyone asks I'll just respond - LOOK AT THAT THUMB!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Your very talented at nail art, Very jealous :)

gildedangel said...

Ooooo, love it!

Niki* said...

Hahaha thanks! *blush*

Krystle said...

Watched the end of the super bowl today (which is a huge thing for a kiwi, I've never seen American football before) it reminded me of how awesome these nails are. :D

Niki* said...

Aw thanks Krystle! How did you like it? My friend who is obsessed with the colts will be living down your way for a year and the one thing shes dreading most is missing next year's football season! lol

ItGirlDecals said...

Your Nails are SO Far Beyond AWESOME!!! OMG That Must Take forever! But So Worth It! I Love Them.

You Might Like My Nail Decals. They Could Make Your Already Amazing Nails More Unique.

I Would Be More than Happy To Send You a Free Set. Contact Me :-)
Maybe You Can Do a Blog About Them and I'll Give You Some Extra To Give Away To Your Readers.

Niki* said...

Thanks so much ItGirl! I'm totally gonna take you up on your offer! I love much though I use them sparingly since I dont wanna use them up ;)

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