Friday, April 30, 2010

I recently stumbled across this website called and I thought I'd share my little online find with you! It's actually a pretty cool website that has everything from product reviews to beauty recipes to tips.

Of course my favorite section is the perfume section! Yea I'm such a liar - its the nails advice section. They have some pretty rad reviews on the hot must-have nail colours right now (according to experts and celebs) including the lemming OPI Russian Navy (want) and some stuff about emergency nail care. One of the best things that I like about it is that it features a lot of products you can pick up just about anywhere like Walmart and the drug store. I know there are some magazines that I check out and I'm like: GAAH where can I get that!? And I just can't. But Total Beauty has accessible products and good video examples and tutorials on stuff like how to get rid of under-eye circles. Seriously. I almost bought a $100 creme before my wedding to do the SAME THING!

I also really like the beauty recipes article they're featuring right now. I've always wanted to make my own "Lush-like" products, and once my aunt told me to take egg-white an avocado and make a paste and then put it on my skin. So I got this avocado, now mind you - I had no idea how to pick out an avocado and I THOUGHT that hard meant Then I tried to mush the raw, hard avocado with egg whites which didn't work. Later on I told my aunt and she laughed saying - egg whites will make you grow hair on your face!!! The woman is evil.

And I read this little mini-article there about Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong. Okay isn't it everyone's nightmare to sit down in the salon chair and to come back up with NO HAIR? I seriously think that I've had that very dream more than once in my life. You have to read that article. It's seriously cringe-worthy!!! Although if I looked that sassy bald it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Anyway, check out the website if you're lookin for some cool tips and tricks and some reviews from real people like us! I've spent the last 2 hours on it...good thing my boss doesn't monitor my computer LOL!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mmm Sprinkles Nails Did

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back from Cuba and I must say...I'm sick. I'm also pretty exhausted since my flight was delayed and I didn't get in until 3:45am on Tuesday morning and I had to be at work for 9am. Boo.

FYI - if you have an illegal passport, please do not board my plane and then when its announced that you're on board, lock yourself in the bathroom. It just makes me angry.

Anyway, because I'm wicked tired (and caught a cold to go along with it...awesome) I decided to do something simple. So here are my icing and sprinkles on chocolate donut nails! Reminds me of Homer :)

I used Rimmel Torrid for the brown base and then outlined the layer of icing with China Glaze White on White first so that the Finger Paints Up & Coming Artist pink would stand out. Then I freehanded the sprinkles in China Glaze Solar Power and Orly Snowcone.

And now I'm off to bed! Why is it that I always seem to need a vacation from my vacations? lol.

And with that I leave you with some pics from my vacation! Hope everyone had a fantastic week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Palm-tastic Nails Did

One more day till I go to Cuba! Man, I'm beginning to think I should have spread out my vacations a bit more :S LOL.

So my friend Suzanne is getting married in August and this is her little hurrah before she's committed for life! I can't believe this girl has been to only Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Portugal. Deprived right? That's what I'm saying. Hopefully this trip will lay the travel bug in my girl and she'll push for the soon to be hubby to take her places more exciting than Niagara's Lundy's Lane!! Its gonna be Suzanne, my friend Jenn and myself for a whole week of Varadero-debauchery

To get more into the mood (I really don't get excited until I'm on the plane) I thought I'd give my nails a bit of island flavour!

I used Nubar LLC for the base, Orly Snowcone for the water, and China Glaze Lemon Fizz and Solar Power for the sand. Then for the palm trees I used Rimmel Torrid for the trunks, and two green nail art pens for the leaves.

Meanwhile - I've been watching this new show that I can't get enough of! Its called The United States of Tara. I think its on Showcase but I don't get that channel so I watch it all online. Its like Sybil, but on TV!

Check it out:
Hope you all have a fantastic week! I'll see you when I get back!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring is in the Air Nails Did

I can't even begin to tell you how lazy I was tonight. It took a WHOLE lot of effort to even take off my kimono nails LOL. I just had a really tiring/drama filled day at work. Man, TV peeps can be so dramatic!

Anyway, I thought I'd do something a bit cheery to lift my spirits a bit and try out some Konad layering. Now, I have discovered that in order to do wicked awesome Konad layering you obviously have to have more than 5 Konad plates :S BUT I'm workin with what I got :D

So I started off with Orly Snowcone as the base and used a nail art pen in white topped off with Sally Hansen Disco Ball for the clouds. Then with trusty Konad plate M51 and M66 I layered grass with Zoya Veruschka, Nubar Green Tea and OPI Jade is the New Black. Then I freehanded some little ladybugs with black and red nail art pens.

They make me kinda happy! And also kinda sleepy!!

Okay now I figure I'll do at least one more mani until I'm whisked off to Cuba!! I'm such a jet-setter lolz. I'm still torn on what to do for that...any suggestions??

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nail Challenge Tag - Memoirs of a Geisha Spring Nails Did

Lacquermanic came up with this great idea to do a challenge tag and I'm honored to be the first participant!

Here are the rules:

1) Make a swatch, tightly connected to a favourite film, book, music or painting. No rules what so ever. You describe what film/book etc. is, and why it means so much to you.

2) At the end of the post, you challenge another nail blogger. Let her know that she’s challenged, and leave the opportunity to turn down the challenge or accept it.

Pretty simple right!?

Okay, so I chose one of my favorite books AND movies - Memoirs of a Geisha.

I cant tell you how much I love the cinematic value of this movie. The scenes and costumes are breathtaking as are the backdrop of Japan that it's set against. I remember being in Gion in Kyoto and all I could think of was this movie and how it must have been in its prime back before WWII. I even used the main theme of the movie as my walking down the aisle music! Even though the story line is a bit creepy - HOW old is the Chairman??? Sayuri is like..9. Its one of those movies that I can watch over and over and always find something new in it.

So I did Sayuri's spring kimono (or...close to it LOL). It turned out looking a bit like Easter but I like it!

I used China Glaze White on White for the base and then layered For Audrey on top, leaving a "V" shape. Then I took Orly Snowcone (my new fav sky blue) and with a small brush drew the fabric lines.

The Obi is made of Joe Fresh Coral, OPI's Curry Up Don't be Late, and China Glaze 2030. I also used dots of a pink nail art pen and Orly Fantasea.

So to continue the tag I challenge:

Do you accept? :D

Michelle and Amy's Wedding Nails Did

I love weddings, especially those where I don't have to do any work! This Saturday was my friends Michelle and Amy's wedding which I had been looking forward to for a while. They are such a lovely couple and had such a perfect day. All week it had been raining and dreary and the clouds parted this weekend for some much needed sunshine!

So I decided to do a special mani to celebrate their special day. Funnily enough I happened to match both my dress and their wedding colours! I was so matchy!!

I used China Glaze Up in the Air for the base and stamped 2030 and Coconut Kiss with the flower image from Konad Plate S9.

Then I finally got to use these 3D nail art stickers I picked up in Japan along with some self-adhesive pearls I picked up in the craft section of the dollar store. I sealed it off with multiple coats of Sally Hansen UV topcoat to keep everything in place!

New Joe Fresh Nail Polishes!

I've been tweeting for the past month about the upcoming Joe Fresh Nail Polishes that are set to be released Apr. 12th according to @JoeFreshStyle's tweets:

"RT @sarah_rogers Just got a Joe Fresh manicure. The spring colours are so adorable you won't be able to resist. In Superstores April 12."

So, I just so happened to be at a Superstore today and behold! There they were...obviously a couple days early considering there were quite a few colours missing.

I picked up "Butter" which is a creme yellow and "Coral" which is a pinky orange in the bottle, but goes on a MUCH brighter pink on the fingers. Almost neon.

They have a new price too - $4 each, which is a complete steal. They have this lovely dark teal colour that was sold out which I'm DEFINITELY going back for.

Here are swatches of my two new colours, both taken in daylight and sun.

Here is Butter:


And this is my total haul for the day!! From left to right:

Joe Fresh Butter
Joe Fresh Coral
Orly Fantasea
Orly Snowcone
Finger Paints Up & Coming Artist

Friday, April 9, 2010

Confessions of a Cuticle Cutter

Okay, I'm writing something a little different today but I promise to be back at 'cha tomorrow with some new nail art because I'm thinking of doing something fancy for the wedding of my friends Michelle and Amy and I know it'll be ruined if I do it the night before.

Anyway - I'm coming out of the closet everyone. I'm a cuticle cutter. That's right. I openly confess it. 

For the last two months that I've been actively blogging I've tried NOT to cut my cuticles. I've been reading up on cuticle care and everything I read tells me not to cut them, so I've been doing the good girl thing and pushing and cuticle oiling and pushing...and pushing...

I even told Tammy at the nail salon not to trim them. She looked at me like I was crazy. 

This is what I've read on
Step1: Moisturize your cuticles by applying a hand creme, lotion or oil and rubbing it into the cuticle. The delicate skin on your hands needs moisturizing daily. Keep a hand moisturizer with you to use several times daily.
Check! I use Lemony Flutter from Lush Cosmetics for my moisturizing needs! It smells great but seriously I almost passed out on the floor from all the dizzying smells in the store. I thought I was getting gassed at one point.

Step 2: Purchase a good cuticle remover (to soften, but not actually remove the cuticles). Apply the cuticle remover and allow the cuticles to soften. Using a cuticle stick (also called an orange stick), gently push back the cuticles, being careful not to damage them.

Check! I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Is it good? Sure? I the only one that thought that "cuticle remover" meant it was literally gonna dissolve off my cuticles leaving me with some awesomely cuticle-less hands? Seriously...what did it do? Exactly how overgrown do your cuticles have to be before you're like: "HEY! It's working!!!"?

Step 3: Remove dead or flaking cuticle skin by moving the orange stick in tiny circles around the base of the nail. Remove the whitish residue from the nail as well. Repeat this process on each nail several times

Check! I do this like...every night when I'm sitting in front of the TV. But I use this nice plastic one that Sapporo won't chew on. It also has this CRAZY scraper thing on the end that Ben likes to use but it RIPS your cuticles so I refuse.

Step 4: Use a sharp cuticle clipper to trim any remaining hangnails. Make sure that this tool cuts cleanly.

Check! Now...what constitutes a hangnail exactly? Can I count my overgrown cuticles as hangnails now? This is too much grey area. I'm gonna say...yes.

Step 5: Wipe the nail clean with a cotton ball and moisturize again.
Bah! By now I've considered this too many steps...

Tips & Warnings: Don't cut or trim your cuticles. They act as barriers to keep bacteria out of your body, so try to keep this skin intact.

UGH! I triiiiied! But I just can’t stand it!!! Leaving my cuticles the way they were was like having eyelids on my nails.  Let’s look at the difference, it’s totally noticeable to me (click pics to enlarge...if you DARE):
 Before (ewww)
After (yay! snip snip)

So I mean, with results as quickly satisfying as that how can I complain? I mean, I'll never have cuticles as some of you do out there I think I've faced that...but is snipping so wrong to come close? 

Granted...maybe I'm not the only one. Or at least I'd like to think that I'm not! So to this I say - Cuticle Cutter's unite! I'm thinking of printing T-shirts...

In any event, I leave you with the cuticle guru's I look up to. Every time I see their mani's a little part of me whines that I don't have those cuticles for myself! 

Forever Jealous,

Quick interlude for some Glee Love

Glee returns April 13th!!! Where will I be? In school. Yep...I suck.

But check this out: GleeFM is hitting the airwaves at ProudFM 103.9 in Toronto on April 12th just in time for the premiere of season 2. Here is a little making of featuring my sexxxy friend Amanda who is the project manager on this awesome little endeavor!

Link Love Roundup

Looking for a color that would flatter tanned skin? Well look no further than the cheery coral goodness that Prim and Polished feels will do just that.

We all need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the real world, so join Manicure Mommas as they take us on a OPI Fantasy ride.

And once the ride is over, quick pit stop in NYC, where Polish on Digital Paper acts out a scene from a classic movie... ON HER NAILS!

Then on to France with Gilded Angel.... Parlez vous francais?

polishSWATCHES brings you an exact dupe for a color in the Zoya Flash collection. Check your stashes to see if you already have it.

And of course there are always a few giveaways...
ask yourself, "Do you feel lucky?"

Nail Addicts Anonymous is hosting their very first giveaway! Join in the celebration and win some goodies!

Prim and Polished is having a giveaway in honor of her birthday. Check out the wonderful gifts.... she's giving to you!

And then last but not least...
Everyone please leave her a comment wishing her a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I was totally set out to do something completely different today but then this popped into my head. I've always loved the idea of a big 'ol lizard destroying a big city willy nilly! I saw the remake movie before I ever saw the original and I remember bursting out laughing in the middle of the scene where they all notice Godzilla and start running away screaming. Awesome. So, originally it was supposed to be Godzilla vs. Mothra...but to be completely honest - I just got wicked lazy LOL. I really like how these turned out though despite the fact there is no epic battle between two large monsters.

For the base I used China Glaze Solar Power and for the grey tips that are the street I mixed a grey (still don't have CG Recycle *cries*) from Sally Hansen French White and Wet and Wild black. The buildings are also mixes of the same white and black only in different proportions. Then I used nail art pens for Godzilla in dark green, mint, black, red and white, and also red and orange for the fiery buildings.

Seriously these nails make me laugh!

Oh, and if you haven't seen this GEM of a trailer, behold Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

MOAR Giveaways

Whoo! Such fantabulous and large giveaways comin at cha!

Wizards of Bling are celebrating their 150 followers with an awesome giveaway. If you haven't checked out their blog please do because they have some awesome swatches!You can enter here

Lauren's Dressing Room is having a huge giveaway. If you wanna get spoiled I suggest you check it out here

The Dutch Nail Blog is having a special giveaway to celebrate a surprise litter of puppies! You can win some polishes from the new Catrice line. Enter here

Susie's Home and Hobbies is having a fab giveaway! Check it out here

I just discovered Katrina's Nail Blog and she is also having her first giveaway!Check it out here

Cadbury Creme Nails Did

If there is one thing I can appreciate about this time of year its the fact that they bring back these DELICIOUS goodies called the Cadbury Creme Egg! OMG I love them so much. Mind you, I don't really like the chocolate part, just the filling. My friend one year actually took a Baskin Robbins sample spoon and cut it smaller so I could literally scoop out the filling goodness out and toss the chocolate shell - which I did.

I really wish they would just sell the filling in some sort of ice cream sized tub so I could just sit in front of the TV with a spoon and it in my lap...what?

So I thought I'd do a little nail art because I love them soooo much! SO much in fact that I couldn't get a picture with one of them because I found out this morning that I had eaten the last of my stash last night! BOO.

I used Sally Hansen Satin Slip Frost for the chocolate, China Glaze White on White and a mix of Solar Power and Lemon Fizz for the filling.

For the peeling-off wrapper on the thumb I used  combo of nail art pens in white, blue, red and silver, with Solar Power for the yellow.

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