Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spy vs. Spy Nails Did

Spy vs. Spy was the only reason why I used to beg my Grandma to buy me MAD Magazine. So I was actually planning another mani but I'll have to save it for later in the week because this one popped into my head yesterday and I thought it would be way fun to do!

So for the black base I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and for the red OPI Thrill in Brazil. The white is a combo of nail art pens and CG White on White. I frankened the pink colour for their skin and a frankened grey for the bomb and the black Spy's highlight (which I forgot to do on the left side :S lol). The bomb fuse and the smaller black and white lines are all done with nail art pens.

Speaking of left sides, I thought I'd take a photo of my right hand for once (and also just so everyone doesn't think that I just photo my left hand to show off my sparkly ring! lol). I get asked every now and again whether I'm ambidextrous. The answer is no. However, I think with practice I've definitely improved. Funny how I can hardly spell my name with my left hand and yet I manage to paint little things on my nails. Go figure. As you can see its not perfect, but its pretty close to the right!!!
right hand

  left hand


Liz said...

This manicure made me want to scream, "Hell yeah!!!" Excellent on SO many levels! I love spy vs. spy. I wish I still had all my old Mad magazines. Great job!!

Delaynee said...

LOVE THIS! I remember drawing out comics in elementary school.. My best friend and I were the only girls with enough skills to join the boys Spy Vs. Spy club - good times!!

gildedangel said...

I love this, this is so creative!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, like this a lot! I have no clue how you free hand nail design. I would love to be able to have a talent like that

Niki* said...

Thanks everyone!!! It was fun to do and I love rue simple colour scheme :)

Kelly - sure you can do it! Just get a thin brush and give it a try!! You'll probably surprise yourself. I certaintly did considering I can't draw to save my life. Lol

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