Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eyeko Polish Review and Giveaway!!

Contest is now closed. A winner will be announced shortly.

 So I was sent these lovely Eyeko polishes from the other side of the pond...that means London right? Well they were sent from London. I love getting contacted for this kind of thing so if you are reading me nail polish world - keep em coming! LOL.

Let me just start off by saying the packaging is SO CUTE. I really like the logo and they sent me these little sticker things with it. It is ultra feminine though which is so not my thing, however, the little tiny teeny-weeny girly girl in me loves it to death. It reminds me very much of most of the packaging around cosmetics that I saw in Japan when I was there. But, onto the polishes.

Now you've probably seen these on a few blogs already so I wont get into too much detail...

Eyeko Petite Polish for French Nails
This is a super sheer pale pink and like the bottle says its ideal for french manicures! Its actually a really great sheer on its own if you're into that kinda thing. The application is smooth and I can see it sitting really well under a white or even on top of a clear as the french itself.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish For Country Nails
This polish is a much more dusty pink. Its a thicker formula and goes on opaque in 2 coats easily.


Eyeko Posh Polish for Ladylike Nails
This polish is a dark beige creme with pink undertones. It certainty is posh and definitely gives me that mannequin look. I can see you pairing this subtle polish with a black dress and big black celebrity sunglasses.

Eyeko Coral Polish for Resort Nails
This is my favorite polish of the bunch. Its a nice red with a bit of an orange tone to it. And just as the name says its perfect for hitting the beach and getting noticed. Its opaque in 1 coat but I'm wearing 2 coats in the pics.


Eyeko Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails
This polish is a simple black with red glitter. Its actually really shiny and glittery once its applied and the formula in the bottle doesnt do it justice. This would look really cool dotted over the Coral Polish I think!

So lastly just an extra pic of the bottle and brush:
The bottle is extra cute and slim and the brush was suprisingly great considering how compact the bottle is. Its a SERIOUS travel/purse polish cause its so small and you can tote it anywhere!

You can buy these polishes from the Eyeko website for £3.50 or about $5.45USD each.

OR, you could take the chance to get two RIGHT NOW!

Eyeko Giveaway
Rules of Entry
  1. You must be a follower of this blog and leave your email address in the comments :) Mandatory
  2. Tell me which two Eyeko nail polishes out of the ones above that I reviewed that you would like to make your own. Mandatory
  3. Post about this giveaway and review on your blog and post the link in your comment. 1 extra entry
  4. Tweet about this giveaway and post a link to your tweet. 1 extra entry
That's it!

The giveaway will end on Friday August 6th at 7pm ET. I'll contact the winner through email.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

300+ Followers Giveaway Winner!

Drumroll please!

And the winner is:

KRYSTAL (KeysGoRound)

Congrats lovely! Your promo code is on its way.

Thanks to everyone for participating. And look out for my next giveaway which will be posted in the next day or so!!
Also, I've added my blog and giveaways to this new service called Giveaway Scout. Its great free exposure for your blog. So if you're interested sign on up!


Friday, July 23, 2010

The Heat is on in Saigon + Chilly Penguin Nails Did

You know what's awesome? Turning on your computer to see the a blue screen that says: Virus Detected please check the F Drive - and then cycles through start up again, and again...and again.

SO - sufficed to say I haven't been able to post in a bit since my computer went kaput so I'm going to do a 2-in-1!!

My first mani I bring you to you my Miss Saigon nails. Ben bought us (well me let's be honest) tickets to see the musical Miss Saigon. I've been waiting FOREVER to see it since it was last in Toronto and I LOVED it. The music was beautiful and the voices were fantastic. If you're into musicals and you ever get the chance to check this one out I highly recommend it!

I used OPI's Thrill in Brazil for the base and then free-handed China Glaze Solar Power for the yellow suns. I then blended the bottoms out with a sponge. I used a black nail art striper pen for the writing that's supposed to also look like a helicopter. I was absolutely in love with this mani and how it came out.

For my next mani I wanted to turn down the heat a bit because its been so FREAKING hot here in Toronto. Like sweltering. Now, I'm not about to complain too hard because last year we hardly got a summer at all so I'd much rather some sun and heat then rain and cloud...but cmoooon 40c with the humidex!? WHY?!? And also I loooooooove penguins so much! They're so cute!!

I used China Glaze White on White for the base and black and orange nail art pens for the penguins bodies and beaks.

And if you haven't already - there's only 2 more days to enter my contest for a $60 gift certificate! Enter now!!! The prize is pretty sweet!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gaga Nails Did + Guest Mani

I. Am. So. Tired. I went to the Lady Gaga concert last night though and it was totally worth it. Didn't get home till 1am and am currently head down on my desk but its all good. It was an awesome concert with some awesome company wearing some pretty fantabulous outfits! I love Gaga. She's like candy to me - you know its not necessarily good for you but you gotta have its sugary pop goodness anyway! So, obviously, I did my nails to commemorate the event. I sort of based it off the picture of her getting out of the pool all black and silver and shiny.
Left Hand

Right Hand
I used China Glaze Liquid leather for the black and Platinum Silver for the silver (obviously lol). Then I used a bunch of grey, black and diamond rhinestones bought from the craft store! Most of the rhinestones ended up getting stuck in my hair and a couple on my back when I woke up this morning but its all good.
Here are some pics from the concert...yes I was THAT high up! Click to enlarge.

I also bring you a quick guest mani! This is Teresa's lovely hand (I know shes gonna hate this picture - no you DO NOT have man hands). She was going on a hot date so we did something quick to match her dress. The base is OPI's Purple-opolis with a coat of Orly Fantasea and a Bundle Monster design stamped in China Glaze 2030. It came out cute and simple. Apologies for the lack of cleanup we were in a rush :). Also if you're a jewelery lover, check out Teresa's BuonaBam website where she does super reasonably priced handmade jewelery!

If you haven't already, make sure you enter my 300+ followers giveaway for a chance to win a $60 gift certificate!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

300+ Followers SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!

Contest is now closed. A winner will be announced shortly.

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you again for stopping by and following my blog! And so, I'm holding a very special giveaway!

Lately Ben and I have been thinking about doing some remodeling around the house. And with a little one on the way we pretty much want to take the opportunity to do it sooner than later. The one part of our house that is the most painful right now is the downstairs bathroom. I mean, its okay, just not very functional. It's located underneath the stairs to the second floor and the toilet itself is RIGHT under the slope, so lets just say Ben doesn't use it, because to do so would mean he'd literally have to stand at a right angle!

So, we really want to redo the whole thing and we were looking at a few websites to help us along. One of them called JustVanities.com has some awesome vanity selections. I'm really into this one called the Ronbow Orient Yuki because of its Asian/modern flair!

The site itself is pretty great too because it offers FREE SHIPPING!! Who can beat that?

And thinking about more stuff I can buy I was looking at another website called AllModern.com. They have some great looking modern and contemporary furniture that I'm scoping out for my future nursery. They have a great baby and kids section with everything from strollers to bedding to wall decor.
I'm totally in love with these items since I'm doing a "modern flair" type of nursery (I'm so not a girly pink or Winny the Pooh girl!).

The dresser/change table is particularly neat because it can be converted down into two night stands or a headboard for a big kid bed. LOVE IT.

So the lovely people who run both of these websites have given me the unique opportunity to hold a giveaway for all of my readers!

The winner will receive a $60 gift certificate to use on any of the following websites:

Rules of Entry
All of the following are Mandatory
  1. You must be a follower of this blog. New or current it doesn't matter :)
  2. In the comments section leave your email address and the name that you follow with
  3. Post this giveaway somewhere else (Twitter, your own blog, wherever!) and leave a link where I can find the post.
That's it!

The giveaway will end on Saturday July 24th at 7pm ET. I'll contact the winner through email and hook you up with your gift certificate!! Giveaway is open to everyone!

Good luck everyone - this is an awesome giveaway I hope you all enter!!


**Disclaimer - I was directly contacted about this unique and generous giveaway. I am not receiving any compensation for it other than the satisfaction that a reader is gonna get a cool item out of it!**

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming Soon! Nails Did

So, finally I can say why I've been so wishy-washy with posting as well as explain my extreme tiredness. That's right - I'm expecting a little nail polish lover...or New York Giant's future player...we're not quite sure yet.

Anyway the past 3 months have really been kicking my butt, however things are finally looking up! I'm finally not falling asleep at 7pm..mostly. Now its more around 8:30pm lol.

So I did a Stork with a green bundle (we're not finding out the sex till I pop it out!), a diaper, a baby bottle, a pacifier and my due date: Dec. 30!
For the pink background I used Colour Club Pardon My French and for the blue, Colour Club Take Me To Your Chateau.

Everything else is done with nail art pens.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We have a heat wave here in the city and I pretty much feel like I'm melting!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Award Time!

I feel like I'm in the nail art Oscars and you like me you really like me ;)

I was tagged for this lovely award from Jan at Hue and Me. Thank you lovely! If you haven't stopped by her blog please do so cause she has some great designs!

Rules of this award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.
Thanks again Jan at Hue and Me!!

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.

There it be!

3. List 3 things which you love about your self.
1) My hair. As much as I hate the 45 minutes it takes me to wash it, having curls is pretty rad
2) My being overall awesome. Seriously...I'm awesome
3) My modesty.

4. Post a picture you love.
There is nothing, NOTHING to not love about this picture. The Framing...the circumstance...all brilliant beyond belief.

5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.
The Girl Who Nailed it
Getcha Nails Did
Black Polish and Lip Gloss
Deez Nails
Emerald Sparkled

Yay awards!

Who's a Dotty Girl? Nails Did

It's been SO HOT here in Toronto, I'm actually surprised today's mani wasn't blazing hot suns!!! Geez. Seriously all I've been doing is sitting around chomping on watermelon. Mmmm....watermelon.

So, I managed to make it out of the house the other day to see the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop - have you seen this movie? Awesome. Confusing. Art? I thought it was about the street artist Banksy, but it totally turned in all sorts of different directions that left me walking out going: "Huuh. HUH. Oooh." But it really was good. For those of you who don't know Banksy's art check it out here. He recently was in Toronto and within a day or so, the art that he had put up around the city was very distastefully destroyed before I got to see it. *sigh*

But anyway, before I went to the movies I popped into H&M to pick up some new sunglasses and there they were...the H&M polishes!!! Last time I asked about these some sales girl looked at me like I was crazy. The bins were FULL of them. I was in a rush so I only picked up Bella's Choice (and NOT because of Twilight :P ) because it was the prettiest colour by far. So I used that as my base today and dotted some black, white and orange pens on top. I think its cute. And, lets face it. its after midnight so it was fast LOL.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Stay tuned for a giveaway really soon!
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