Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You So Cheesy Nails Did

I LOVE CHEESE. Seriously its bad. I'm actually a self-described cheese snob. I really love going to cheese mongers and saying "I'm looking for something smokey but light on the palate." LOL I'm telling you - complete snob. But Ben is just as bad if not worse. He actually bought a device called a girolle that is specifically only for one type of cheese called Tete de Moine and is used to make cheese flowers like the ones pictured. Now, they're delicious, but this little gizmo was like $80! And really, how many times do you use it. He says it will pay for itself...but add $40 for a half wheel of Tete on to that each time...yea, that can add up. However, one cheese that I LOVE and wont hurt your wallet - Guinness Cheese. Its literally marbled with Guinness beer and is AMAZING.

Alright I can talk about cheese all day obviously...so here are the nails. What I did was mix Billy Burning Hot with a un-labled nude to get a bit of a softer orange. Then I painted out little swiss cheese cut outs with a brush and nail polish remover. The mouse grey is China Glaze Liquid Leather mixed with Sally Hansen French White and some nail art pens for the accents.

Super apologies for the blurry pics. I must have taken 30 on macro and NONE were coming out for some reason so these were literally the best of the bunch! I'll try again tomorrow and see if my hands shake less or something LOL.

And by the way - I believe I just hit over 300 followers! WHOOT! That's so amazing - thanks so much to all of you who follow my blog! I truly appreciate it!!! So I guess I'll have to devise some sort of giveaway! Look for that coming up :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MOAR Giveaways!

I haven't really been on the giveaway train lately, but this one is so awesome I must pimp it out!

Painted Lady Fingers is giving away a SWEET package courtesy of Nubar!! Check it out here

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lady Bugs and Leaves Nails Did

What. A. Week. Seriously. Let me give you some advice everyone: if your company moves and decides to get a whole bunch of new technology - don't volunteer to be the front man on it. Especially when you find out that the "new" technology is like taking a step back to the stone age from your current "old' technology. Seriously. I thought new tech was supposed to make your life easier/faster. But really its just draining my soul! Needless to say once I get home I basically stuff whatever is in the fridge into my mouth then pass out - BUT today I got off a bit early so I did my nails YAY.

So I got my new Bundle Monster plates in the mail the other day and they're fabulous! I loved this leaf pattern that was on one of them so I started off with a base of Nubar Forest and stamped Nubar Green Tea in the leaf pattern on top. Then I freehanded little lady bugs on them with red and black nail art pens but also used a touch of Zoya Nidhi for a little red sparkle that I won from a twitter contest by Scandalous Ange!

Oh - has anyone else used the Seche ridge filling base coat? I picked some up from Winners of all places for only $3!! And you know what - CHIP CITY! Seriously this base coat is crap. What are you using for base coat? I'm in the market!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orange You Glad Nails Did

OMG I'm so obsessed with citrus lately - especially oranges or anything orange flavor. Like creamsicle Booster Juice. SO GOOD.

Today I made the mistake of getting a strawberry blend instead of the creamsicle - instant drink regret.

Okay I'm fairly distracted because of GLEE at the moment so let me just tell you about the nails. I used China Glaze Lemon Fizz for the base and then used a dark and light orange nail art pens for the colouring. I topped off the inside slices with Color Club Turn The Other Chic glitter.

CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED ON GLEE!?!? Imma go lick an orange popsicle...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

London Calling Nails Did

My friend Amanda celebrated her 30th yesterday! So in honor of that milestone I thought I'd do something that reminds me of her - Union Jack nails! Although Amanda is only British by ancestry (oh admit it you were born here!) whenever I think of Londoners I think of her first for no particular reason :D

So I used Essie Midnight Cami as the base, a nail art pen in white and another in red for the cross lines. Then I topped off the red with China Glaze Ruby Pumps to give it a bit of sparkle!

Oh - so I finally ran out of Seche Vite. That's right. And since I've so far been extremely unsuccessful finding it in Toronto, and since my husband forbid me from buying any more polish online, I decided to take another nail bloggers suggestion and try out Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Oh. My. God. This is a little $7 bottle of shiny, fast-drying topcoat HEAVEN!!!! I can say that its definatly comparable to Seche. It dries super fast and hard in no time. Granted I smudged my thumb a bit, but thats also because I have patience for nothing and probably should have gave the Ruby Pumps another minute or so to settle before topping it. Anyway - I think I've found a new polish love!!

Happy Birthday Amanda!
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