Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sexxy Valentines Nails Did

Happy Valentines Day interweb lovlies!

Today I woke up next to this instead of Ben. Sapporo is my little furry valentine...who likes to snort in my face in the morning.

So these are my Valentines nails! I picked up some lace from a fabric store on Queen Street while I was ducking in and out of stores for polish finds. Alas, nothing. I was hoping that *maybe* American Apparel would have their polish line in Canada and it was slow on the recall, but no :(

Anyway - these were surprisingly a lot easier to do then I thought they were going to be! Here's how I put it all together:

1)  I took some painters tape, stuck it on my nail with the edge of the tape at the bottom of my nail edge. Granted this is easy for me since I keep my nails square :D

Then I traced my nail bed onto the tape with a pen.

2) After that I stuck the tape down to wherever I wanted it to go on the lace and cut the shape out so that I ended up with this little ovally round thing of lace and tape.

I painted my nails first with Sally Hansen french manicure polish for an opaque look and then put some Nubar holographic polish on just the middle to the tips. I think I really like this mani all on its own. Reminds me of weddings :D Sparkle Sparkle!

Then all I had to do was gently GENTLY!! tear the lace away from the tape with some tweezers and while a topcoat was still wet on the top of my nails, I used an orange stick to press the lace down onto the topcoat to make it stick. After it was dry I went back with some scissors to trim any excess lace.

I sealed it all off with seche vite and used my orange stick to really press down all edges around the nails. That's it! I'm really happy with how this came out, I wish my pictures did it more justice because I just couldn't capture the holo sparkle shining out from under the lace properly :( What do you think?

 Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you have a lovely day and remember to keep the love going all year long! <3

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Oh and I must share this picture. It pretty much screams true love:
That's right. Ben loves his lobster.


Anonymous said...

Love the lace mani, so cute and simple. Your dog is very cute by the way!

gildedangel said...

I love the lace, it is very pretty!

Ben said...

I love you baby. Oh and lobster too. Happy Valentine's day.

Camy said...

That is so interesting :)

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