Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Bling Nails Did

with flash
Whooh what a crazy week! I've been off on maternity leave now since last Thursday and I know I'm supposed to use this time to rest up before the baby comes but really I've been on the go EVERY DAY! But I did find some time last night to do my nails. I wanted to do something not so typically "Christmas" so I did a sort of winter wonderland feel. Please forgive my lack of watermark (please don't steal my pics, they're crappy anyway LOL) since I'm working on my new macbook and don't have Photoshop set up yet :(

without flash
I used Orly Rage with some snowflake rhinestones and little blue and silver beads that I picked up for really cheap on Ebay! Slapped it all on with nail glue (hate that stuff) and Sally Hansen's  Top Coat. Does anyone know of a topcoat or technique that won't dull your rhinestones??

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe Holiday!! All the best leading up to the new year and beyond! And please send me some blessings to get this baby out - its due on Thursday!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Karmin G3 Review and Boozemas Party Nails Did

 I mentioned before that I would be receiving a Karmin G3 Flat Iron from the lovely people at Karmin to give a test run! Now I don't straighten my hair too often because it usually takes me about 2-3 hours (I'm not even joking), and that doesn't necessarily include all the prep before-hand like washing and blow drying it! So What I look for in a flat iron is something that is ceramic (I had one with metal plates on it once...never again!), light weight since I hold it for so long, and something that will hit a very high heat. The G3 is perfect for all of these, plus it has the added value over my current flat iron where it can actually straighten then put big curls in by wrapping your hair around the barrel. My current iron is so square and flat that doing that would be impossible and look pretty stupid - so I guess that's why it's one of the top hair straighteners!

So here are some before and after pics - I decided to straighten my hair for my annual Boozemas party. So keep in mind that I had been cleaning all day and didn't get a chance to actually blow dry my hair before I flat ironed it, so it looks WAY drier then it normally would. But you totally see the effect:



 It works awesomely! I can't wait to try it with my full regime of wash, blowdry and straighten. And added bonus - this only took me 1hr 45min - trust me for hair as curly and thick as mine that is AMAZING. I would highly recommend this flat iron - makes a good stocking stuffer ;) And if you DO want one for your very own take advantage of 10% off with this code: GIVEAWAY10

I also did my nails for the party! Little presents! I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the base and brushed on crosses of 2030 with a bit of glitter from a nail art pen on top. Then I made very quick bows with China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. I think they're festive and cute!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bees! Nails Did

Buzz Buzz! I watched "Bee Movie" over the weekend and was inspired to do this manicure! Plus its yellow, and since its one of my favorite colours it was an easy choice for a fun mani! Oh but can I just say that Jerry Seinfeld shouldn't be allowed to do voice overs for movies? He just sounds like Jerry different. But its SO obvious. Much like how Nicholas Cage is just Nicholas Cage in every movie he's in. But don't get me started on that man...ugh.

So for the base I used China Glaze Solar Power and for the honeycomb I used Lemon Fizz and a nail art brush. Octagons are hard to freehand let me just say! For the bees I used a yellow, black and white nail art pen. I think it came out super cute!

I also thought for fun that I would post a pic of my work station LOL. So messy! I don't have nearly as many polishes as some of you lovely ladies out there but I certainty put them all to good use!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Party Nails Did

Ah the Holidays are here again! I love Christmas despite the fact that the last few years in Toronto has been pretty snow-less. But I usually do get all excited about Christmas parties and putting up the tree. This past weekend Ben and I actually had 4 (!) parties to attend!! So I needed something versatile to get me through them all! So I've done gradient's before but I thought it would be neat to do one from left to right on my hand instead of top to bottom of each nail. For the base I used OPI Thrill in Brazil and sponged China Glaze 2030 on my pointer and middle finger, then switched using 2030 as the base and sponging Thrill in Brazil for my ring and pinky. Then I topped them off for some extra glam with red glitter from Midie Glitter 3 and a nail art pen in gold glitz.

And here are some pictures from the parties! Look at me looking all tired and pregnant LOL. And one of the parties was actually a dinner murder mystery. There is Ben being called out of the crowd by one of the actresses and looking mighty uncomfortable! LOL
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