Friday, September 24, 2010

Eyeko Polish Review and Giveaway 2!! WINNER

Thanks to everyone who entered the latest Eyeko Polish Giveaway! These polishes are super cute so I hope the winner really loves them. Before I announce it, here is the mani to go with the giveaway :) Sorry for the iPhone pictures - Ben just left for Germany for 10 days :'( and he took the camera. Pfft. Men.

I used Eyeko's Petite Polish for French Nails for the base, and then sponged tips with Eyeko Punk Polish for Neon Nails (which I've decided is my favorite Eyeko polish yet).

Then (cause I haven't done any actual nail art in forever - sorry...but this baby makes me tired!) I free handed the Eyeko logo using black nail art pens with the tiniest touch of blue for the eye. I also used a water decal from Viva La Nails. If you guys haven't checked out their decals I highly recommend their sampler pack specifically for bloggers and youtube artists that you just have to pay shipping on and they send you many fun goodies!

So - now the winner! Drumroll please......


Congrats Alexa! I'll be sending Chi Chi and Tea Rose your way.
An email is on its way to you!
Thanks again to everyone that continues to enter and enjoy my blog :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Girly Stars Nails Did

It's seriously been one of those weeks. So in order to make myself feel better I thought I'd do something cheery and out of character. The cheery is the stars which I love, the out of character is definitely the pink!

It made me smile even though it only lasted 2 days. I really REALLY need to go out and buy another bottle of OPI's base coat. Right now I'm using a Sally Hansen brand and I'm lucky if my polish wears more than a day :(

I used Eyeko's Punk Polish for the base, and then a Bundle Monster plate with Konad special black polish for the stamp. I know its simple, but sometimes after a hard week you just have to keep things easy.

If you haven't already - take some time to enter my latest Eyeko Giveaway!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eyeko Polish Review and Giveaway 2!!

Contest is now closed. A winner will be announced shortly.

The lovely people at Eyeko sent me two of their latest polishes Chi Chi for Girlie Nails and Punk Polish for Neon Nails to check out! I love these polishes more and more every time I get to sample them mostly because they're so compact so I carry them with me where ever I go!

Chi Chi Polish for Girlie Nails
Girlie indeed! This polish is slammed full of pink glitter with just a hint of gold flake in them. This is two coats I'm showing. It looks like a great layering polish and would look amazing over another metallic like a gold or silver. The application is smooth, but like most other glitter polishes you have to use some muscle to get it back off your nails!

Punk Polish for Neon Nails

So I'm really not a girlie type of girl, but every once in a while I get a hankering for a really hot barbie pink and THIS polish is it. I've had China Glaze and OPI pinks on before but this pink is truly the perfect neon pink that reminds me of when I used to play with dolls. It goes on superb in one coat but this is two just to make it pop. Like most neon polishes it is matte, but slap some top coat on it to really make it shine.

You can buy these polishes from the Eyeko website for £3.50 or about $5.45USD each. They also have a special on right now where you can buy all the pinks: Tea Rose, Petite Polish, Punk Polish and Chi Chi Polish for $11.50!

OR, you could take the chance to get two of these precious pinks RIGHT NOW!
I'll be sending one lucky winner Eyeko Tea Rose Polish and Eyeko Chi Chi Polish to call their very own.

Eyeko Giveaway
Rules of Entry
  1. You must be a follower of this blog and leave your email address in the comments :) Mandatory
  2. Post about this giveaway and review on your blog and post the link in your comment. 1 extra entry
  3. Tweet about this giveaway and post a link to your tweet. 1 extra entry
That's it!

The giveaway will end on Friday September 24th at 7pm ET. I'll contact the winner through email.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moby wrap nails and review

I was really pleased when CSN approached me to do a review on one of their products, especially because they have a really great baby store called CSNBaby that has lots of baby things that I'll be needing for December. First off let me say that their site is great - and their sister site Diaper Bag Boutique is too if you're looking for a deal on a diaper bag. They also have free shipping on many of their items and a great sale section where you can get some items for 90% off.

I've been looking at the Moby Wrap carrier for a while now since they're flexible and you can tie them in many ways so that you get optimum comfort for your little one. They also can be used to hide breastfeeding or just to run around the house with the baby strapped to you while you clean or do other chores. I ordered mine from CSNBaby and it was at my house in just over a week. So its pretty compact, it comes in this roll with a bag and an instruction manual.
Its really really long so that you can knot it in many ways and it fits all body types, and is super soft. I'm doing the newborn hold in the picture where it wraps across my belly, around my back and ties on my side. This is the first time I've ever wrapped it so I think I need to do it a bit tighter next time. Since I don't have a baby yet (still baking) Sapporo decided to help out. You can tell he loves it...right? Hahaha no he wanted out.

I love this carrier because its super versatile, soft and distributes weight all around my body opposed to just on my shoulders like other carriers. Also I'm really impressed with the customer service of CSN and the speed of shipping - even to Canada. Its a good alternative for us Canadian mom's who can't get a lot of items at home. CSN has over 200 stores to choose from so take a look and you're bound to find something you like!

Also, because this is a nail blog too I thought I'd do Moby Wrap nails! I used China Glaze White on White (3 coats of it!) for the base and then striped on China Glaze Recycle to make the wrap seams. They're kinda abstract and I love them but the White on White was soooo hard to get even and not streaky. So annoying!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first taste of fall! Or the last taste of summer?

*This item was partially furnished to me by CSN, yet my review is unbiased. Please see below for full disclaimer*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Connect the Dots Nails Did

I had just the concept of dots in my head all day and this trio of colours so I sat down to do it. I used China Glaze's Lemon Fizz for the base with a dotting tool in Liquid Leather and Nubar Green Tea for the dots. I like the result. It was colourful but still kinda modern. It also really reminds me of this painting that hangs in Ben's company that is just dots on canvas and costs somewhere along the lines of 15k! If only my nails were worth that much!

Xmen Fan Expo Nails Did

I think I've mentioned it a couple of times but I love love love comic books and I've been collecting them since I was a little kid with my grandpa. I have around 500 which is pretty good considering I'm a really inconsistent buyer. Every year there is the Fan Expo in Toronto and some big players come out. Its kind of like a mini comic-con. This year the featured people (for me anyway) were James Marsters who played Spike in Buffy and Stan Lee, creator of things like X-Men and Spider-Man.

So of course I was really excited about Stan Lee, and yes it cost $40 for his autograph but I figure he's gonna kick it in another few years since he's already 88 so it was worth it to me! I did X-Men nails for the event using China Glaze Liquid Leather for the base, and red and yellow nail art pens for the symbol. The bad thing was that I never actually got to flash them by Stan as you can see from this picture you were pretty much ushered away as fast as possible and you could never actually stand in front of him since there was a security guard blocking him directly. But other people noticed at least :)

Overall the Fan Expo was good, although waiting in a 1.5 hour line to buy tickets in the hot sun when you're 5 months pregnant I really wouldn't reccomend. Oh and also the prices - I spent soooo much money...BUT I did get little fimo sticks that I can cut down to use on my nails. No idea why those were at Fan Expo but hey, I'll take it. Here were some more pics from the event!

James Marsters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One Kick-Ass costume!

I totally laughed at this guy's Old Spice Guy costume

I think she's from World of Warcraft. Either way her costume was really cool but she couldn't talk with those fangs in.

I LOVE Sailor Moon. I don't even care who knows it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Many Weddings Nails Did

Okay this is officially my 3rd wedding manicure! I'm all wedding'd out! By the end of the year I'll have just one more (thank goodness). This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending my friend Xavier's wedding to Denise. Xavier and I go way back to high school and all those times he used to bring his dog Ozzy to visit me at the radio station when I was in the studio. He then moved away to Fernie, British Columbia and lives amongst snowy mountains and clean air - jerk LOL. But he came back to the city to tie the knot! It was a truly lovely wedding!

For my mani - which again was rushed :P - I used this new H&M polish I bought called Grey Sky which is a grey with purple hues and a wee bit of shimmer. It comes in this cute little bottle that now I have to go back and buy some more because I used too much already! Ontop I used Konad black and a Bundle Monster Image plate for the stamp. Then I put on some black pearls that I found at the craft store and a little dot of white from a nail art pen in the middle of each flower stamp. I know its a little dark looking for a wedding - but hey my dress was black and I was having an AWFUL time finding a maternity dress suitable enough for a wedding! Yes that's Ben's eye peeking out in my picture.

Oh, and this is me and my longtime friend Teresa doing the chicken dance...which seemed to last forever. She specifically requested it. It was baby's first ho-down! By the way, Teresa also makes some fab beaded jewelery. Pop on by BuonaBam to check it out!
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