Monday, May 31, 2010

Koi Nails Did

So my french mani lasted about a day - which is another reason why I'm not a fan of them! They chip soooooo easily!!! So I thought I'd do something a little bit fresh using my friend Nikki's idea of Koi fish. I used Orly Snowcone as a base with a bunch of nail art pens in white, black, orange, red, dark green, and light green. See - two mani's in two days, I must be back in the swing of things :D

My left hand
And as a rare treat, my RIGHT hand! It actually came out pretty well :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mais Oui Nails Did

Oooh la la! I'm feeling a bit better lately and my goal this week is to get back into the swing of things and posting regularly again :) Today I thought I'd do something a bit France inspired since I just received my prize winnings from Glammed Up - the Color Club Pardon My French Collection! I'm usually not into pastels and *gasp* a whole lot of glitter...but they do serve a purpose :) I started off with a base of  Take Me To Your Chateau which is a pale blue creme and free-handed french tips using a combination of Hot Couture and Si Vous Please. Then I used a black nail art pen to give it a little tuxedo twist and topped my thumb off with a little Eiffel Tower and a rhinestone. Simple but nice I think! I hope you all are enjoying your summer days! Its soooooooooo hot here...but I'd rather this than the snow! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mother of Pearl Nails Did

Well, well. Long time no see! Sorry I've been awol with the posting - my only excuse is that I just haven't been feeling well, so I've been trying to kick whatever I've got and not polishing my nails so much. But today I thought I'd do a quick post before running back to bed. I'm hoping to get back up to posting more regularly again, I just have to start feeling better :)

So I bought this mother of pearl ring in Cuba for 50cents and really just love it., so I thought I'd dupe my mani to make it look just like it...or er, as close as possible LOL.

I started off with OPI's Curry UpDon't Be Late with a layer of Happy Anniversary on top. Then I water marbled Sally Hansen Satin Slip Frost and Mocha Frost with China Glaze White on White. I used black and white nail art pens for the final blotches on top.

I hope everyone is doing well! I'm off to nap again :P What can I say - when I'm sick I'm a huge suck!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Giveaway Winner!!!

First off - thanks to everyone for all the awesome birthday wishes :) To answer some of your questions - the rhinestones were self adhesive but I also slathered topcoat on them to give them some extra staying power :)

Also thank you to all those who sent in pics of their fabulous nail art! Seriously some of you put me to shame. Here they are:


Art of Nail









Short Wide Nails

You Nailed It

And the winner is....


 Congrats love! I'll be emailing you for your addy to get your goodies to you!

Have a great weekend everyone and again, thanks for entering :D

Sumo Nails Did

It was around this time last year that I was traveling from Kyoto to Tokyo and buying tickets for my first ever Sumo match. It was AWESOME despite the fact that I had no idea what the commentators were saying! lol. So, because I cant be at another match right now, I thought I'd do them on my nails to relive the memory!

I used OPI Thrill in Brazil for the base and then frankened a skin tone with Thrill in Brazil, Sally Hansen French White, China Glaze Solar Power and Nubar Forest. I used various nail art pens for the rest!

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my Birthday Bling giveaway for some goodies! If you'd like to enter click here!!

And here are some pics from the Sumo tournament from last year. MAN I miss it :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man Comix Nails Did


Did you see Iron Man yet? I saw it last Friday as a birthday treat with some of my friends. I have actually been waiting all season to see it! And verdict - it was awesome! Although it of course wasn't better than the first ScarJo coulda been left out of useless. Oh and I could hardly understand a WORD Mickey Rourke was saying half the time. But as far as sequels go I was quite happy! And that's saying a lot considering how overly critical I am about comic book movies!

But RDJ? Brilliant. I really don't like him very much, but the minute he plays Tony Stark I pretty much just wanna make out with him.

So I achieved this by sticking on some cutouts I had of an Iron Man comic. Have I mentioned I'm a huge comic book fan? I used to collect them, but stopped going hard core about 4 years ago since I have NO idea what Marvel is doing with their story-lines. Stupid Marvel.

Then I just used a MASSIVE amount of Sally Hansen topcoat to keep it down. The edges like to curl...I think this is a one day wear type of thing.  But I'm totally gonna rock these to the next comic-con!!!

EDIT: Comix Nails - not exactly shower proof :S. Oh well, no better time than the present to let my nails breathe! LOL

Green Swoop nails Did

They're green. Remind me of St. Patty's Day at McDonalds.

That's all I have to say about them. Meh.

Base is OPI Jade is the New Black, dark green is Nubar Forest with konad 2030 on top, light green is Nubar Green Tea. White nail art pen.

Double meh.


Ah its been a while since I posted some giveaway there's no better time than then present!

Laura's Blog is having a 130 Followers giveaway. She's well over that now! Check out her giveaway here.

Konad-licious is having a giveaway complete with Aussie treats! Check it out here. 


Pieces of Katie-Jane is giving away some luxurious prizes! Check them out here 

 XOXO Parisky is having an aaaaaawesome giveaway for her 100+ followers. Check out all the goodies here.

Mon Coin a Moua is a new blog that I just found and she is having an awesome flakies and glitter giveaway! Enter here.

Check out StyleCaster

I wanted to share with you another of my interweb finds: StyleCaster.
StyleCaster is a website that has a whole bunch of up to the minute fashion industry news  and great beauty tips including how to speed up your morning beauty routine and how to make your beauty regimen eco-friendly.
Use their search engine to search for "nails" and there’s some really great collections on spring colours, affordable polishes and tips to make your mani last longer - I wish I had that list before I started unpacking tapes in our back room today...can you say mani ruined!?
It also has some great reads on ladies fashion and I especially like their "explore looks" option which will pare down some of the latest styles according to what colours you like, style and body shape. Although - the suggestion to wear tights with cut out triangles for my hour-glass frame, maybe not.
And like any good style/beauty tips website it also has some pretty good and informative video’s that you can check out. A lot of stuff from NARS experts and things like how to wear purple eye shadow – which I’m totally rocking right now! Purple is where it’s at ya’ll.

They also are linked to which makes AWESOME Custom T-shirts that are totally addictive. I actually have a couple from there and now that I've started to explore the page I actually want more. The “Push button Receive bacon” one    MUST BE MINE!!! It’s so brilliant! BAH! Good thing Ben took away my credit cards *sad face*.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Bling Nails Did + Birthday Giveaway!!

**EDIT: The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering!!!**

Hello! I wanted to do something non-typical for my birthday. Everyone was telling me to fit on 28 candles but I just thought that was boring, until I thought I'd stick ACTUAL candles on my nails...but I'd probably start a fire.

Oh, here is a birthday story for ya: I think I was about 6 and I was celebrating my birthday with my Dad. He made me a cake that had a LOT of candles and sparklers on it. Now, back in the day my caucasian grandma, who has no idea how to manage hair like mine, used to brush it out so hard I looked like Diana Ross on crack. Now imagine that hair in two "pig tails" (think puffballs) on either side of my head. Anyway, so there I was, excited 6 year old me, with all these fancy candles and what not on my Strawberry Shortcake cake and I was tossing my head back and forth. All of a sudden I see this glint out of the corner of my eye and about 15 seconds later my Dad is screaming and smacking at my head. Thats right, my cake set my hair on fire. Happy Birthday to me.

So this year to celebrate I decided to turn my nails into little birthday disco balls! I started off with China Glaze OMG as the base and then I snagged some craft rhinestones that were in a border shape from the dollar store, cut them separately with a knife then maneuvered them onto my nails with tweezers. After about a gazillion hours later I put on some topcoat which sort of dulled the rhinestones, so I gave them all a coat of Sally Hansen Disco Ball.

Bling Bling!! I kinda love them.

And, what better way to celebrate my 28 years on earth than a giveaway!

From top left: Be! Full of Passion, Savvy Lavender Chrome, Savvy Raspberry, Be! Radiance
From bottom left: Midie Purple Glitter, L.A. Art Deco Striper in Magenta, Hot Pink, Mint Green, Silver, Yellow, Black, Midie Red Glitter

Here are the rules:
1) You must be a follower and leave your email address (1 entry) mandatory
2) Post about this giveaway on your blog and post a link (1 entry)
3) Add me to your blogroll (1 entry)
4) Twitter about this giveaway and post a link (1 entry)
5) Send a picture of your latest and greatest nail art to my email to gain an additional 3 entries! You can send it to All submissions will be posted later for all to see :) Make sure to include the name that you follow with so I can count your entry!

So that's potentially 7 entries that you can have. You can either post all of your entries together or separately!
The contest will end on May 15th at 7pm ET and is open internationally!

Good luck everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Nails Did


LOL so these nails started out with all the best intentions. They're supposed to be happy cactuses with sombrero's on...but really they kinda look like scary green scarecrows. :S

Ah well the spirit of the season is behind them at least right?? Right?? Ah, well you can't be perfect all of the time! :D

For the base I used China Glaze Solar Power with some orange nail art pens for the tips. For the cactus I used green nail art pens and for the sombrero I frankened Rimmel Torrid with OPI Curry up Don't be Late.

Maybe they look like they have beards? Oh and I apologize for the semi-blurry pics - my camera died after only two photos!

I feel like I'm struggling this week hahahah, I think its just out of pure exhaustion. :P I need to sleep!!

Hope everyone has a shot of tequila for me!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monopoly Nails Did

Back when I had my 125 followers contest Brooke from Babbling Brooke suggested I do Monopoly nails, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Let me tell you - writing with nail polish is HARD. Seriously..especially on my right hand. I think "Boardwalk" came out looking more like "Borrowed", but whatever LOL. The effect is definitely still there :)

Its funny because this is actually one of the games that I despise the most - and only because Ben completely ruined it for me. I've never been that good with personal finances and this game is Ben's chance to exploit that weakness completely. I always end up with Baltic Avenue and he's got 2 hotels on Boardwalk and all the railroads - jerk.

So I used China Glaze For Audrey as the base and then some nail art pens in black, white, blue and red. I also used China Glaze Sexy and the City and Lemon Fizz, L.A. Colors Art Deco in neon purple, and Billy Polish in Burning Hot.

Speaking quickly about giveaways - I will be doing another soon!! I think I'm going to try to wait until I reach 250 followers...although I'm never one to be patient so you never know when it'll pop up!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Min Mani Nails Did

I thought I would post this quick mani before I go down for my third nap of the day lol. Seriously this cold is kicking my butt!! And sorry since I was in such a rush I did take the pick with my iPhone.

Yesterday Ben's fraternity hosted a spring formal. Since it started at 7:30 and we didn't get home until 6, I had about 1 hour to wash my hair and do a quick mani/pedi. Keep in mind that my hair usually takes about 40 min to wash on it's own! So I literally slapped on some Orly Fantasea with Nubar holographic glitter to about halfway down the nail and then some decals from the dollarstore.

Lol I actually got a lot of compliments on them despite the fact I thought they were so shoddy!!

That would actually make for an interesting contest - the 10 min mani challenge!! Hmm...
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