Sunday, February 14, 2010

MOAR Giveaways!!

Tis the season for giveaway's it seems! Check out these awesome blogs:

 Perrypie is having her 100 followers giveaway. Before she knows it she'll be at 200!! Check out her awesome giveaway here. 

Jellynat is having her 50 folllwers giveaway! She's already hit 100 though by now. Her blog is awesome and her writing style superb! Check it out here.

You've Got Nail is having her February Giveaway! Check it out here.

Help Polish or Perish with some research and get the chance to win some Orly Sweet Polishes! Check out the full giveaway with rules here.

Kolor Me Krazy is having her first giveaway. Check out all of the rad prizes here. 

Daily Polish is having a Go Big or Go Home giveaway! There are so many awesome prizes to be won! Check them out here.

And last but certainly not least On Beauty and Polish is having a giveaway after reaching 15 followers! Check it out here! Whoot fellow Canadian blogger! :)


PerryPie said...

Thankya dear. =)

Brooke said...

There sure are a lot of giveaways going on right now! something about the cold weather? lol

Niki* said...

My pleasure PerryPie!

Brooke - I know! Its like a giveaway phenonmenon LOL. I do like it though because it introduces me to a lot of blogs that I didnt know about :D

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