Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gold Medal Nails Did

So I wanted to do this quick mani before I did my Vday mani's because how many times are the Olympics gonna be in my country in my lifetime? Not many!

The 2010 Winter Olympics kick off tomorrow (actually today since its 12:15am :S) with a grand ceremony in Vancouver. I think Gretzky will light the torch, although they're saying it may be a holographic image of Terry Fox...which might be weird - since when can holograms carry torches? Anyway, I did something simple to commemorate the events since I probably won't be watching.

Okay I'll watch the figure skating, not gonna lie.

I used China Glaze White on White for the base and then some two-way nail art pens for everything else!

Go Canada! Win Olympic-type stuff!


Musicalhouses said...

that's so cute! thanks! i wish i was as good as you in making these designs :)

Delaynee said...

This is quite excellent - I hear we're (we being Canada..) going to clean up this year in most events.. But we'll see.. They probably over-hyped the athletes into thinking that everyone will get gold.. BAH! Regardless, great mani!!

gildedangel said...

That is really cute!!!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I love this! Check my Olympic nails on my blog!!!

Niki* said...

Musicalhouses - I bet you're better than you think ;) I didnt know I could really do it until recently. I cant draw at all so it never occured to be I'd be decent at this!

Delaynee - I hope we do! But then they always say that Canada will win so many golds yadda yadda... and then we dont *shameface*

Thanks Guildedangel! :)

Yardsticks - your nails are awesome! I commented on them :)

shortnails said...

the olympics is addicting isn't it?

I made a mukmuk design on my thumb. I'm going to try to preserve it for the entire olympics.

Niki* said...

They're so addicting! I'm watching like 99% more olympics than i think i ever have in my life. maybe because its in canada...

love it! I really liked these nails but i'm such a sucker to move on i think i only had them for a day and a half! lol

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