Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunset in the City Nails Did

Sometimes when I go to and from work on the highway I think - yea Toronto is really pretty! And sometimes there is a huge smog cloud :S

Either way, despite the fact that I'm always wanting to escape I do love my city. So I thought I'd do a little homage to it. I used this picture as my inspiration because it looks very much like one I took when my Ben and I were first dating, coming back from the Toronto Island on the Ferry and seeing the city at sunset.

I started out blending CG Liquid Leather and Sexy in the City to get a slightly deeper blue for the darkest part of the sky. Then I blended in by using a sponge CG Coconut Kiss for the purple and CG Solar Power mixed with OPI Thrill in Brazil to get an orange.

Then I used a fine brush and Liquid Leather to paint little buildings and the CN Tower (with a bit of Thrill in Brazil again for the red beacons). I highlighted them with some CG White on White and mixed the two to get a grey to highlight the edges of the buildings.

I sealed it all off with Seche Vite.

I think it looks pretty cool! What do you think?

The idea just popped into my head today on the way home and I'm glad I ran with it. Makes me feel a bit better about my mani from yesterday :P. AND I think I can put up with this one for a couple of days until I try out my Valentines Day mani (hopefully it works out!). Plus, Ben says I have to start doing my nails less since the fumes are making him loopy. Really I don't notice the difference in him LOL.


Alisa said...

A beautiful mani - this Toronto girl thinks you've done our city proud!

April and Ashley said...


Niki* said...

Thank you!! Is it just me it does my thumb look oddly shaped in that pic? Hmm.

Krystle said...

wow thats awesome

Charis said...

Awesome design, well done!

jo.frougal said...

Unbelievable! That is so creative and artistic. Don't you hate to take it off after? I would!

Niki* said...

Thanks Krystle and Charis :)

Jo - you would think so..but I'm always excited about doing the next thing! :)

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