Sunday, December 27, 2009

Robots and Rhinestones Nails Did

So my Konad nail manicure didn't last very long - which happens especially when I put too many rhinestones on them and then I sit in the car and absentmindedly pick at the rhinestones until they fall off and I'm screaming curse words while my brother is trying to talk about rent money or some crap. So I redid them WITH EVEN BIGGER RHINESTONES. Ben asks me if I learned my rhinestone lesson and I say to him - "pfft. Clearly not."

So these kinda remind me of robots, I guess its just the silver or something. Whatever, I like them. And as of one day later out of 10 applied rhinestones I have 4 remaining. I think I lost them in the following places: the couch, the bathroom, the car, my aunt's house, down Sapporo's throat, and into my hair. Seriously I'm going to find that shit next time I wash it.

So I did these with China Glaze's Silver Chrome, Sexy in the City and Turned up Turquoise. Then for the lines and dots just a nail art pen in black. Then affixed with some turquoise rhinestones from the dollarstore!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Midnight Swirls Nails Did

Ah Christmas, what better time than to sit side by side with your hubby as he watches football and bitches about the smell of nailpolish. We had our big family thing last night so I had some free time to redo my nails since I guess I went a bit nail glue crazy on the Holli-mani and the rhinestones started to peel off today. So, this is done with my brand new Konad nail stamping kit and stamper disk M63 with China Glaze White on White to stamp and Sally Hansen Black as a base. I also threw on Sally Hansen Disco Ball on top for extra glitter fabulousness.

Can I just say that this stamper shit is hard? Cause its hard. Daily Nail and Emerald Sparkled make it look so easy but its just not. Okay granted its my first time doing it but I set out to do this and it turned into a hot stamping mess. So I tried to do something a little more novice. Not bad I guess for a first go. Its also to represent my new sparkly gift that Ben got me - that's very jealous. But I'm pretty sure he loved his handmade calendar, right!? RIGHT BEN!?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Nails Did

Taa Daa. I know: nails so soon?? But I HAD to do them before xmas eve dinner and lets face it - Ben is going to try to make me clean the house tonight so I really wasn't getting anything done. Plus I saw a similar design on my favorite nail blog The Daily Nail and had to try it out. Her designs are wicked.

So anyway these are my Holiday Nails - or perhaps my Holli nails in honour of my sister from another mister all the way out in the 'Peg.

So these are done with a base of China Glaze's Platinum Silver and stripes of Gold nail pen. Then the holly is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Emerald City with Opi's Thrill in Brazil for the berries with a red rhinestone. On top of Emerald City is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light.

And YES this took patience, mostly because instead of the silver and gold I wanted to do a silver and gunmetal but then the gunmetal turned blue and I had to redo an entire hand without smudging the other...remind me why I do this again?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wakka wakka wakka AAAAH! Pacman nails

Not to toot my own horn but toot toot. I think these came out smashingly. Its amazing what you can accomplish with an extra 1 1/2 hours and Back to the Future 3 in the background. My Grama used to love telling the story that when I was younger she used to take me to the Grenadier restaurant at High Park, and this guy challenged me to play some Pacman with him. He then proceeded to lose to a 7 year old 10 games and many quarters in the machine. Sucker.

So this is my homage to that game...which I still rock at. Oh and I also did them as a special request to Ben - because he wouldn't shut up about how cool they would look. Done with Opi's Linkin Park After Dark and some nail art pens in yellow, white, baby blue, pink, and black.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Water Marbling 2

Okay, so I was pretty dissapointed in how yesterday's water marbling came out because I used a background that was too dark. So, I decided to redo it while Ben cooked dinner (what a good hubby I know. But he cooked fish and it was one of those things you go: "Babe this is SO GOOD!" *add more soy sauce* ... *add more soy sauce*). This one went quicker now that I knew what I was doing. I used Opi's Happy Anniversary for the base, and to marble: Opi's The Thrill in Brazil, Linkin Park After Dark and Gold. I really need to get more than 4 nail colours. Bah. Closeup of my right thumb which I think came out the best.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Boozemas Nails

In the spirit of drunken debauchery that is about to take place tonight - here is my first attempt at water marbling. Its supposed to look like you've had a few too many. Not too bad but I think next time I'll use a lighter base. This also took a shit load of time. Looks pretty cool though. Opi's Linkin Park After Dark for the base, marbling is done with Opi's The Thrill in Brazil, Happy Anniversary and a cheap gold. Also - next time I have to get those pointy q-tips for cleanup because that IS the hardest part.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nails Did

Alright. So I've been getting bugged to put some of these photos online so here they are. Recently I've gotten quite into nail art and have been doing my nails about once a week (depending on how fast I ruin them). Inspiration comes from anything from Japan, to art, to food, to my favorite nail blog The Daily Nail. So I guess I'll post these weekly or more depending on how good they are or if they look like barf - however I do have a picture that you'll see below that looks like clown barf...gross. Oh and I apologize in advance for the blurry pics...maybe I'll start taking them with an actual camera in the future instead of an iPhone. But probably not, because that would mean more effort on my part.

Tuxedo French Manicure

So simple. Start it off with a clear base coat and draw your french with either plain white polish or a french pen. Then draw a black line above it with either a brush or nail art pen. Add two rhinestones, top it off with top coat and taa daa.


Stripey Stripey!

Base is Opi's Linkin Park After Dark. Then the stripes are made with nail art pens in any colours you like. I just tried to think rainbow. Pull them out from the corner so that you can stud it with a rhinestone. This was actually one of my favorite designs. Very Jem and the Holograms get blinged.

Got my Period?

AHAHA. That was the first thing that came to my head so that's what they shall be called. I really hope one day someone comes to me and says: Hey Niki, can you do that got my period for me?

Awesome. So basic french manicure and nail art pens for the stripes. Top off with glitter and a rhinestone.

Sad Clown Barf

Seriously, what was I thinking? Well I'll tell you. I WANTED polka dots. Something simple and cute like this only it turned into a hot mess. Mostly because I started to smudge the second I started dotting. I thought adding rhinestones may help it but people, rhinestones dont cure everything. And I had a party to go to was so shameful, I was in the car with nail polish remover and tears on the way. Anyway I'm not even going to tell you how to do these because you wont want to. Unless its to mock me and in which I hate you in advance.

Bedazzle my Jean Jacket!

I actually kind of like these. They were the followup to Clown Barf. Base is Opi's Linkin Park After Dark then some fancy press on sticker chrome things I found at Shoppers Drug Mart with some blue and turquoise rhinestones.

Cherry Blossoms

This actually looks JUST like the mural I painted for my living room which is currently sitting against the wall because Ben doesn't want to switch the Mondrian picture for mine because he's jealous of its awesomeness.

These were for Dan's wedding. Base is Opi's The Thrill in Brazil with basic white and black nail art pens.

Faberge Fab

I think these were supposed to be flowers and then I realized I totally used the wrong colors and they ended up looking like a Faberge Egg. Whatever. They're okay. Base is Opi's The Thrill in Brazil with gold and black nail art pens.

Mondrian Nails

These are modeled after nails on The Daily Nail. Total rip off. But love them. They also took the good part of 2 hours. Yep. 2 hours. All done with nail art pens and they came out quite lovely!

Berry Berry!

These are my strawberry nails which are Ben's favorite although apparently they give him hives *liar*. Opi's The Thrill in Brazil topped off with green and black nail art pens and a green rhinestone.

They were pretty great though and I'd do them again.

Rising Suns

I really should have done these from the middle and out instead of the corner but live and learn! These were pretty much ruined in a day anyway because I had to get cheese off a fondue pot and the scouring pad took my left hand with it. Well...only the nail polish. So these were my one day manicure! Opi's The Thrill in Brazil for the Red, Opi's Happy Anniversary for the glittler white and gold nail art pen for the lines.

Liney Boxey

Interconnecting boxes with nail art pens on top of Rimmel Green with Envy. Its actually more of a turquoise in person.
Its my current nails art did.

Put the Cupcake in Mah Belly

I used to love hostess cupcakes when I was a kid. Then I realized that chocolate was gross so I stopped loving them. Anyway...these are a homage to my long lost love of the h.cupcake. Maybe then I'll have to do a homage to my long lost love of the ketchup chip! But probably not. Base is Rimmel's Torrid with white nail art pen on top.

Jenn's Holiday Bonanza

I did these nails for my friend Jenn for the Boozemas party. Base is The Thrill in Brazil with nail art pens in gold, green and white on top and a yellow rhinestone.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well Hello Mr. Blog

Stemming from the exhaustion of constantly trying to write for other people - I finally broke down and started my own blog:

Then came my new found obsession with nail polish. And so from Ink - was born.

What does this mean? That I am fully aware that this is one in a zillion blogs, that what I write won't necessarily make an impact in the grand scheme of things, that I won't be making money off of my rantings, that my personal creative process isn't always witty but is more than 140 twitter characters, and that I just plain want to write about things that interests me, and do some nail art while I'm at it.
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