Friday, February 19, 2010

50 Followers Giveaway Winner!!!

Congrats to
You've won these awesome treats pictured here so now you can spice up your personal nail art :D
I've sent you an email!
Thanks to everyone that follows my blog, I can't express how much I truly appreciate it, mostly because I'm just not a mushy person. But I'm a whole lot sincere!!! I really do appreciate every one who stops by and all the comments I receive!

And WOW I'm almost at 100! I'm going to sunny sunny Mexico next week so perhaps if I come back and reach that mark there will be another giveaway!

Whoot thanks again and congrats to the winner!


Brooke said...

Congrats Peripatetic!!

By the way Niki, what program did you use to do your drawing? I drew the winners of my recent giveaway today using (the random integer setting) and spend forever counting and then recounting because my comments aren't numbered - what a pain! I need to a new prize drawing tool - and this one looks cute! Thanks :)

Niki* said...

hey Brooke! I emailed it to you :) let me know if you dont get it!

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