Thursday, January 28, 2010

Muppets for Sheilah Nails Did

I haven't seen Sheilah in about a year now! Oh the days of sitting in edit...doing more gossiping than work, yet still being so efficient you would think all we talked about was putting together W Network nexts and nows. MOAR KISSING SCENES! Oh the good old days. Now the coordinators don't even sit in with the editors. :(

So to entice her to come back I did her request of muppet nails. Granted they're not very good. So all I want is for her to visit with no obligation to stay. I think that's fair!

AHAHAAHAH look at that mess. LOL. Okay so - The thumb is Kermit, pointer is Miss Piggy (it is too!), middle is Gonzo, ring is Animal and pinky is Beeker.

I think Kermit came out the best...which isn't saying much LOL.

Okay everything has a base of CH White on White.

Kermit: CH Liquid Leather for the black and Nubar Green Tea for the Green. I used a darker green art pen to line around everything

Miss Piggy: Nail art pens, CH Solar Power for the Hair and CH Neon Purple Panic for the eyeshadow.

Gonzo: No name light blue from the dollar store for his beak, CH Sexy in the City for his hair, CH Solar Power for his yellow eyelids and CH Liquid Leather for the black.

Animal: (ahahahah..sure) CH Neon Purple Panic for the hair, Liquid Leather for the black, OPI Thrill in Brazil for the red and an orange nail art pen.

Beaker: Actually this one isn't that bad... Pink nail art pen for his skin, orange nail art pen for his nose and hair and Thrill in Brazil for the mouth.

BTW Sheilah, this took 1.5 hours. That's how much I heart you.

Oh friendship.


Sheilahd said...

I <3 you too! And the nails. <3 And no that is not a pair of boobs but a crude emoticon for a heart.
Thank you thank you. They have brought a tear to my eye. I miss you lots too. As for the bumpers.... There just isn't as much sex and evil side eyes as there used to be. Is there? ;-)
Thank you again. You put smile on this girl's face.
<3 Sheilah

Niki* said...

I boob emoticon you back!

gildedangel said...

That is so cute!

Rebecca said...

Hhahaha this is amazing!!

Kirsten said...

These are adorable!

Niki* said...

Ahahaha thanks everyone! remind me to never start such an ambitious project at 10:30am again lol

l0verlada said...

This is just an awesome mani :)

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