Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hungry Hungry Hippos Nails Did

Okay - to start it off I love love LOVE my new Orly Matte Couture Vinyl polish!! I know this polish has been around for a bit but its brand new to me in all ways - I've never owned a matte before OR an Orly and I must say I'm in love with it. Now I only wish that Orly would come out with some snazzier colours since they're all pretty plain, but whatever. The key to this polish is RIDGE FILLER!! Because if you dont use it the matte polish shows every bump and line you have on your nail.

Okay, so I asked my awesome facebook friends what I thought I should do for my next nail design and Holli said Hungry Hungry Hippos (shes a genius). So I had to try. I think they came out pretty rad. I decided to do something totally new for me which is freehand with a brush AND a matte look. I usually use a lot of nail art pens to get my forms but this time I used a brush (and some nail art pens...edging is hard!! :p ). So the base of this is Orly Matte Couture in Vinyl. The thumb is China Glaze solar with nail art pens for the edging and eyes, pointer is a no name green, middle is a no name orange and pinky is a no name pink (lol they came from Costco!). White balls are China Glaze white on white. Its all topped with China Glaze's Matte magic top coat which turns any glossy polish matte. Its pretty cool. It kinda makes me want to play the game real bad!

PS - I HAAAAAAATE this new blogger editor!!!! Placing pictures is just stupid! I'm switching back.


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