Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Office Nails Did

I like having my office ladies look good and what better way than to treat them to a little nail art?

Elif doesn't often get her nails did - in fact she says shes a chronic biter (bad Elif!), she's also not that girly so she says *cough* twilight reader *cough* so we thought we'd go with something a little dark and not super feminine. Opi's Linkin Park After Dark for the base topped with Konad stamping silver with M60 for the design.

Jenn likes to take advantage of my nail art so you'll probably see more and more of her in my blog as the days go by. She's also a chronic chipper. I dont know how you wear down nails after 2 days...USE A BASE COAT JENN! So she already had a champagne pink type colour on her nails that had tip wear so I sponged on Opi's Curry Up Don't Be Late to cover them and then stamped with Konad stamping black with M51 for the design. Came off as a pretty cool effect and actually brought out a lot of the silver tones in her original polish.


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