Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years Sparkle Nails Did - MOAR GLITTER!!

Nail art tip: if you mess up - just add MOAR GLITTER!!!

I decided I was gonna do something with this art glitter that I found in the christmas decorations box that was left over from making Ben his NY Giants xmas ornaments from last year. I have silver and gold, and since my last art was is silver I went the gold route.

Thing is I went in one direction: sort of a glitter tip thing with a tuxedo french line (like this but with glitter). And I HATED it. The black line was WAY too I tried to cover it with a glitter art pen my aunt bought me for, no dice. SO, I figured lets just cover it! Seriously, there is like 13 layers of polish and glitter on my fingers right now, its sorta pathetic:

1: base coat
2: Opi I Get A Kick Out of Gold
3: Opi I Get A Kick Out of Gold
4: Sally Hansen UV topcoat (for the tips to stick glitter to)
5: Gold Glitter
6: Sally Hansen UV topcoat
7: Black Nail Art Pen
8: Sally Hansen UV topcoat
9: Gold glitter nail art pen
10: Gold glitter nail art pen
11: Sally Hansen UV topcoat (for tips again)
13: Sally Hansen UV topcoat

See? Pathetic. And what's funny is that I really liked how it looked (just like the end result) at step 6, but noooooo. I also now have glitter in my bed, hair, dog and husband to show for it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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