Monday, January 11, 2010

Purple People Eater Nails Did

I was dying to try my China Glaze purples I bought a couple of weeks ago but never actually got a chance to use and now I actually really love how these turned out. I cant stop staring at them!! OOOoooooh. I used China Glaze Purple Panic, 2 coats for the base and then Coconut Kiss sponged on to make a gradient effect inspired by The Daily Nail. Then I used Liquid Leather to Konad the design over it with M63 plate. I also used a gold glitter pen to add a little something something to the swirls.

Thanks to Kim for the tip to use Q-tips to clean the Konad stamps!! OMG such a life saver. Last time I did the stamping I had to redo several nails but this time I did them all in one try! ONE TRY. Just as I was beginning to think that I'd never get the hang of it. Now I lay in wait for my Konad special polish to arrive to see if it makes a difference. I'm waiting in earnest to use the special black on the argyle design *so excited*!!


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