Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sushi Nom Nom Nails Did

me at a sushi bar in Japan

If you know me you know I love sushi SO MUCH!!! When Ben and I were in Japan recently we should have eaten more dammit! But its so expensive there (I know right, you would think you could buy it outta vending machines but nooo. Underwear however...).

Anyway so I decided to do a homage to one of my favorite foods (since my favorite food is sweedish meatballs and they would be kinda uninteresting on my nails...and I'd probably chew my fingers off - let's be honest).

As the dark base on every other nail I used Opi's Linkin Park After Dark. For the white base I used China Glaze White on White. Then I used a whole bunch of nail art pens for the sushi, wasabi and the chopsticks on my pinky.

By the way, does anyone know how to get those pesky nail art pen necks unclogged?? I use the stupid pin thingy and for half of them they don't even go in because they're pre-clogged. Go figure.

Anyway, looking at them is making me hungry. So I'm going to stare at Ben until he gets me some sushi...but he won't...jerk.

Oh - AND GO HOCKEY TEAM CANADA!! 5 to 5 in OT? Awesome, and I don't even like hockey.

EDIT: dammit we lost.


Ben said...

Niki Huuuunnngrrrrryyyyy!!! They look amazing.

Gary said...

You should do burger nails. And utilize the 10 different burgers found on the extra value menu of Burger King.

Or - gravy nails. THEY JUST BROWN!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty much the raddest thing ever. Props to you.

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