Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cadbury Creme Nails Did

If there is one thing I can appreciate about this time of year its the fact that they bring back these DELICIOUS goodies called the Cadbury Creme Egg! OMG I love them so much. Mind you, I don't really like the chocolate part, just the filling. My friend one year actually took a Baskin Robbins sample spoon and cut it smaller so I could literally scoop out the filling goodness out and toss the chocolate shell - which I did.

I really wish they would just sell the filling in some sort of ice cream sized tub so I could just sit in front of the TV with a spoon and it in my lap...what?

So I thought I'd do a little nail art because I love them soooo much! SO much in fact that I couldn't get a picture with one of them because I found out this morning that I had eaten the last of my stash last night! BOO.

I used Sally Hansen Satin Slip Frost for the chocolate, China Glaze White on White and a mix of Solar Power and Lemon Fizz for the filling.

For the peeling-off wrapper on the thumb I used  combo of nail art pens in white, blue, red and silver, with Solar Power for the yellow.



Delaynee said...

These are awesome nails! Nice work!! I like the fact that this time of year not only brings out the yummy creme eggs, but those commercials.. I laugh so hard!!

Evil Angel said...

That is so perfect!

April said...

We have way too much in common. Hope you can get some cadbury eggs on sale tomorrow!

Kanji said...

My aunt brought me a pack of those a few years ago, from Jersey Channel Island. I think they are so funny, just the way the cream is made white with the yellow core! I had never seen something like that so I was so happy! Unfortunately we don't have those in Portugal so the last time I savoured one was about 6 years ago. I miss those!
I'm so happy also for the fact that those creamy eggs inspired you for a nail art! So cute! I'm truly a fan of yours ;)

Krystle said...

Totally awesome. It's Easter Monday here so I just went and brought $9 worth of sale chocolate (all Cadbury of cause) mmmmmm.....

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

yummmmm, I couldn't find any cream eggs at the corner store today, so may need to resort to eating your nails. So cute.

Eden Bue said...

Bleeeeeurgh. Creme eggs are around for a lot longer in the UK than in the States, so we get a bit sick of them after a while! This Did is awesome though, the chocolate looks sooooo realistic!

Niki* said...

Delaynee - thanks! OMG you mean the ones where they try to release the goo? they're so awesome!

Evil Angel said - lol thanks!

April - oh I did...15 in fact *shameface*

Kanji - you'll be enjoying them again soon ;)

Krystle - awesome! i dont really like chocolate...but i appreciate the creme eggs..and caramel eggs!

The Pale and Pallor Princess - hey hey! i literally went to like 3 shoppers drug marts i'm that hard core. but i had a $10 free coupon so it was worth it :) i'm linked to your blog now!

Eden Bue - sick of them! well i guess if they're around a lot then i could see how. I'm not sure how long they've been in canada but i do know they dissapear pretty quickly and only reappear between Feb and April!

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