Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nail Challenge Tag - Memoirs of a Geisha Spring Nails Did

Lacquermanic came up with this great idea to do a challenge tag and I'm honored to be the first participant!

Here are the rules:

1) Make a swatch, tightly connected to a favourite film, book, music or painting. No rules what so ever. You describe what film/book etc. is, and why it means so much to you.

2) At the end of the post, you challenge another nail blogger. Let her know that she’s challenged, and leave the opportunity to turn down the challenge or accept it.

Pretty simple right!?

Okay, so I chose one of my favorite books AND movies - Memoirs of a Geisha.

I cant tell you how much I love the cinematic value of this movie. The scenes and costumes are breathtaking as are the backdrop of Japan that it's set against. I remember being in Gion in Kyoto and all I could think of was this movie and how it must have been in its prime back before WWII. I even used the main theme of the movie as my walking down the aisle music! Even though the story line is a bit creepy - HOW old is the Chairman??? Sayuri is like..9. Its one of those movies that I can watch over and over and always find something new in it.

So I did Sayuri's spring kimono (or...close to it LOL). It turned out looking a bit like Easter but I like it!

I used China Glaze White on White for the base and then layered For Audrey on top, leaving a "V" shape. Then I took Orly Snowcone (my new fav sky blue) and with a small brush drew the fabric lines.

The Obi is made of Joe Fresh Coral, OPI's Curry Up Don't be Late, and China Glaze 2030. I also used dots of a pink nail art pen and Orly Fantasea.

So to continue the tag I challenge:

Do you accept? :D


Polish'd Cindy said...

What a great tag! Very clever. Lovely nail art too :)

Brooke said...

awesome!! what a fun idea :)

Evil Angel said...

Oh you nailed this! Beautiful!

L said...

Awesome awesome awesome!

April said...

Great job as usual! I love this idea!

Delaynee said...

Awesome nails - I am glad you accepted her tag - such a good idea!!

Nicole said...

This is so neat, Niki! I love this movie too. I have never read the book - and I keep forgetting to pick it up whenever I go to a bookstore. Beautiful choice, and beautifully done!

jo.frougal said...

Fabulous interpretation. Lovely colors, too.

laquermanic said...

I've seen it, and I totally get thet kimono idea! What a great interpretation. *high five* and love to you who took this first challenge and nailed it!

Jackie S. said...

I love this movie, the book was even better..great nails!

xXMonsterManiacXx said...

Favorite film and book is exactly like mine! Memoirs of a Geisha <3

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