Sunday, April 4, 2010

MOAR Giveaways

Whoo! Such fantabulous and large giveaways comin at cha!

Wizards of Bling are celebrating their 150 followers with an awesome giveaway. If you haven't checked out their blog please do because they have some awesome swatches!You can enter here

Lauren's Dressing Room is having a huge giveaway. If you wanna get spoiled I suggest you check it out here

The Dutch Nail Blog is having a special giveaway to celebrate a surprise litter of puppies! You can win some polishes from the new Catrice line. Enter here

Susie's Home and Hobbies is having a fab giveaway! Check it out here

I just discovered Katrina's Nail Blog and she is also having her first giveaway!Check it out here


Kanji said...

Ahahaha, I loved the comment you left me about the Cadburry's creamy eggs! ^___^ you are very kind! I would love you to send me one but I have no money to pay you :( I truly thank you anyway! ***

Niki* said...

No no I'll send them to you as a gift!! I don't want money for them, I just want to send them to you :D they're on sale anyway so I'm buying a bunch!

Kanji said...

You are so sweet Nikki! Thank you very much if these words can be enough to thank you! I'll send you my mailing address from my e-mail account akuma.kanji [at] gmail [dot] com *** thank you ^____^

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