Monday, July 12, 2010

Gaga Nails Did + Guest Mani

I. Am. So. Tired. I went to the Lady Gaga concert last night though and it was totally worth it. Didn't get home till 1am and am currently head down on my desk but its all good. It was an awesome concert with some awesome company wearing some pretty fantabulous outfits! I love Gaga. She's like candy to me - you know its not necessarily good for you but you gotta have its sugary pop goodness anyway! So, obviously, I did my nails to commemorate the event. I sort of based it off the picture of her getting out of the pool all black and silver and shiny.
Left Hand

Right Hand
I used China Glaze Liquid leather for the black and Platinum Silver for the silver (obviously lol). Then I used a bunch of grey, black and diamond rhinestones bought from the craft store! Most of the rhinestones ended up getting stuck in my hair and a couple on my back when I woke up this morning but its all good.
Here are some pics from the concert...yes I was THAT high up! Click to enlarge.

I also bring you a quick guest mani! This is Teresa's lovely hand (I know shes gonna hate this picture - no you DO NOT have man hands). She was going on a hot date so we did something quick to match her dress. The base is OPI's Purple-opolis with a coat of Orly Fantasea and a Bundle Monster design stamped in China Glaze 2030. It came out cute and simple. Apologies for the lack of cleanup we were in a rush :). Also if you're a jewelery lover, check out Teresa's BuonaBam website where she does super reasonably priced handmade jewelery!

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Lily nail said...

cute mani !! i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

Krystle said...

That's a brilliant GaGa mani.

Christina said...

awesome mani! i was at that smae concert, but my nails were nowhere near that fab

Tara said...

so cute!!

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