Friday, July 2, 2010

Who's a Dotty Girl? Nails Did

It's been SO HOT here in Toronto, I'm actually surprised today's mani wasn't blazing hot suns!!! Geez. Seriously all I've been doing is sitting around chomping on watermelon. Mmmm....watermelon.

So, I managed to make it out of the house the other day to see the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop - have you seen this movie? Awesome. Confusing. Art? I thought it was about the street artist Banksy, but it totally turned in all sorts of different directions that left me walking out going: "Huuh. HUH. Oooh." But it really was good. For those of you who don't know Banksy's art check it out here. He recently was in Toronto and within a day or so, the art that he had put up around the city was very distastefully destroyed before I got to see it. *sigh*

But anyway, before I went to the movies I popped into H&M to pick up some new sunglasses and there they were...the H&M polishes!!! Last time I asked about these some sales girl looked at me like I was crazy. The bins were FULL of them. I was in a rush so I only picked up Bella's Choice (and NOT because of Twilight :P ) because it was the prettiest colour by far. So I used that as my base today and dotted some black, white and orange pens on top. I think its cute. And, lets face it. its after midnight so it was fast LOL.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Stay tuned for a giveaway really soon!


Savvy said...

I love the dots! It's too cute!

Katrina said...

too cute! love the mani! =)

KarenD said...

Great color combination--looks very fresh!

Mastine said...

I love your nail art! You're really good! I love the Bella's choice colour, but I prefer to use a matte overcoat over, and I'm newbe to nailpolish so I only use one colour at the time!

Your nails is like art! Love it!

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