Saturday, July 10, 2010

300+ Followers SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!

Contest is now closed. A winner will be announced shortly.

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you again for stopping by and following my blog! And so, I'm holding a very special giveaway!

Lately Ben and I have been thinking about doing some remodeling around the house. And with a little one on the way we pretty much want to take the opportunity to do it sooner than later. The one part of our house that is the most painful right now is the downstairs bathroom. I mean, its okay, just not very functional. It's located underneath the stairs to the second floor and the toilet itself is RIGHT under the slope, so lets just say Ben doesn't use it, because to do so would mean he'd literally have to stand at a right angle!

So, we really want to redo the whole thing and we were looking at a few websites to help us along. One of them called has some awesome vanity selections. I'm really into this one called the Ronbow Orient Yuki because of its Asian/modern flair!

The site itself is pretty great too because it offers FREE SHIPPING!! Who can beat that?

And thinking about more stuff I can buy I was looking at another website called They have some great looking modern and contemporary furniture that I'm scoping out for my future nursery. They have a great baby and kids section with everything from strollers to bedding to wall decor.
I'm totally in love with these items since I'm doing a "modern flair" type of nursery (I'm so not a girly pink or Winny the Pooh girl!).

The dresser/change table is particularly neat because it can be converted down into two night stands or a headboard for a big kid bed. LOVE IT.

So the lovely people who run both of these websites have given me the unique opportunity to hold a giveaway for all of my readers!

The winner will receive a $60 gift certificate to use on any of the following websites:

Rules of Entry
All of the following are Mandatory
  1. You must be a follower of this blog. New or current it doesn't matter :)
  2. In the comments section leave your email address and the name that you follow with
  3. Post this giveaway somewhere else (Twitter, your own blog, wherever!) and leave a link where I can find the post.
That's it!

The giveaway will end on Saturday July 24th at 7pm ET. I'll contact the winner through email and hook you up with your gift certificate!! Giveaway is open to everyone!

Good luck everyone - this is an awesome giveaway I hope you all enter!!


**Disclaimer - I was directly contacted about this unique and generous giveaway. I am not receiving any compensation for it other than the satisfaction that a reader is gonna get a cool item out of it!**


Evil Angel said...

I follow you cuz you ARE a whole lot of awesome!

camiller714 at yahoo dot com

I tweeted EvilAngel6

jbrobeck said...

wow! awesome giveaway! i am already a follower, my email is polishinsomniac at gmail Dot Com

i tweeted!

dr4g0nf1y said...

I follow via GFC as dr4g0nf1y (amanda.keltner at gmail dot com)

Tweeted about the contest as MissAmandaSue :)

Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

KeysGoRound said...

Email: krystal[at]polishgalore[dot]com
Follow as: KeysGoRound/ silverslivers[at]gmail[dot]com

Öykü said...

I follow you as Oyku and my email is


Nicole said...

Congratulations on your followers! You totes deserve it. Those are fabulous pieces you've picked out, I love your taste!
I've been following via GFC.
My email addy is nicole AT
And I tweeted with an @ to you! ♥ Thank you!

Deanna said...

This is awesome! :)
* Email: punkstardust [at]
* I follow thru GFC, nickname "Deanna"
* I blogged about the giveaway:

Alisa said...

I follow you (mostly so I can scope out the Tdot spot where you find all your deals!)

polish fiend (at) bell (dot) net

Anonymous said...

Great ideas for a nursery!
Follow with: Carmen Shaw
Posted on twitter @carmelon

adeline said...

great giveaway, thanck you very much
i'm a follower (adeline legrand)
and i post this giveaway on my facebook :!/adeline.legrand



Brooke said...

I LOVEEE that vanity and sink - how cool!! Both of my bathrooms are in DIRE need of a makeover - they are both 35+ years old and really showing it. Well, I guess my whole house is showing it's old, dated-ness, but the bathrooms are especially unchic. Although my kitchen isn't looking too great - a candle recently burned a big brown spot on my formica countertop, which is really.. gross looking. lol.

I'm a follower!! and I adore your blog - and your awesomely creative and skilled polish designs! :) My name is Brooke and my email is I tweeted about this giveaway to all of my great followers (and I did an @ to you too so you could see it!!). Thanks for letting me know about this great giveaway!!! :D

Brooke said...

and I just posted your giveaway on my sidebar too - Thanks!!! :D

Thifa said...
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April said...

I follow you with GFC.

I blogged.

Delaynee said...

Awesome giveaway!


delaynee88 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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