Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Bling Nails Did + Birthday Giveaway!!

**EDIT: The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering!!!**

Hello! I wanted to do something non-typical for my birthday. Everyone was telling me to fit on 28 candles but I just thought that was boring, until I thought I'd stick ACTUAL candles on my nails...but I'd probably start a fire.

Oh, here is a birthday story for ya: I think I was about 6 and I was celebrating my birthday with my Dad. He made me a cake that had a LOT of candles and sparklers on it. Now, back in the day my caucasian grandma, who has no idea how to manage hair like mine, used to brush it out so hard I looked like Diana Ross on crack. Now imagine that hair in two "pig tails" (think puffballs) on either side of my head. Anyway, so there I was, excited 6 year old me, with all these fancy candles and what not on my Strawberry Shortcake cake and I was tossing my head back and forth. All of a sudden I see this glint out of the corner of my eye and about 15 seconds later my Dad is screaming and smacking at my head. Thats right, my cake set my hair on fire. Happy Birthday to me.

So this year to celebrate I decided to turn my nails into little birthday disco balls! I started off with China Glaze OMG as the base and then I snagged some craft rhinestones that were in a border shape from the dollar store, cut them separately with a knife then maneuvered them onto my nails with tweezers. After about a gazillion hours later I put on some topcoat which sort of dulled the rhinestones, so I gave them all a coat of Sally Hansen Disco Ball.

Bling Bling!! I kinda love them.

And, what better way to celebrate my 28 years on earth than a giveaway!

From top left: Be! Full of Passion, Savvy Lavender Chrome, Savvy Raspberry, Be! Radiance
From bottom left: Midie Purple Glitter, L.A. Art Deco Striper in Magenta, Hot Pink, Mint Green, Silver, Yellow, Black, Midie Red Glitter

Here are the rules:
1) You must be a follower and leave your email address (1 entry) mandatory
2) Post about this giveaway on your blog and post a link (1 entry)
3) Add me to your blogroll (1 entry)
4) Twitter about this giveaway and post a link (1 entry)
5) Send a picture of your latest and greatest nail art to my email to gain an additional 3 entries! You can send it to All submissions will be posted later for all to see :) Make sure to include the name that you follow with so I can count your entry!

So that's potentially 7 entries that you can have. You can either post all of your entries together or separately!
The contest will end on May 15th at 7pm ET and is open internationally!

Good luck everyone!!!


L said...
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L said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the nails!

I follow through google connect and tweeted here:

email: landa75 @

Frumusikapro said...

I follow you with GFC :name Andreea!
I tweeted here:
I blogged here :
You are in my blogroll :
mail :

you nailed it! said...

happy bday!
im a follower.
youre on my blogroll
i twittered about it
i'll email you a picture!
nice blog!

icitea said...

Happy birthday from a new follower to you! Your nails look great~
but how do you prevent them from falling off??

icitea said...

here's my blog post !

icitea said...

tweet !

icitea said...

you're on my blog roll!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Fun nails and awesome giveaway!

I'm a follower:
I'll try to send a pic before the deadline too!

Elena said...

I am your new follower (Elena)


Kat said...

I love the bling!

Happy birthday! :)

I'm a follower :)
My email is: katch05 at gmail dot com

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Happy Birthday Darling!!!! lol, Birthday Girl by the Roots just came up on my I-Tunes shuffle, must be meant for you.

I'm a follower and you're on my blogroll.

Have a great day!

Katrina said...

Hello :D I'm a follower (Katrina Catipon)...thank you so so much for this giveaway and Happy Happy Birthday!

katrina.catipon [at] gmail [dot] com

P.S. I'll be e-mailing you my latest nail art!

Claire's Blog said...

I'm a follower and you're on my blogroll.

ginnn7 said...

Happy Birthday

Love your mani

I follow


Jackie S. said...

Happy Birthday, 28 was a great age for me, hope yours is too!

I am a follower via google, Jackie S.
You are on my candy roll
I added your giveaway to my side bar

I do not have any nail art to send, the closest thing to nail art I do is water marbling...LOL

alesia60614 at yahoo dot com

peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 google follower
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
enter me please and thank you
hope you had a most happiest birthday

The Pale and Pallor Princess said...

Hey darling, you may already have one of these, but I gave you an award on my blog:

Ria said...

Happy and shiny birthday to you!!!

Ria said...

And you're on my blogroll!

Jan said...

happy birthday!!!!

i'm your stalker..i mean you are on my blogroll

email - hueandme.jan at

glam nails for the bday girl. how long did you put that together.. it's so pretty.. :)

shortnails said...

Hi, it’s Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest

I am following you through my blog under google friend connect:
li lian

My email is

1. I have posted about your contest in my blog here:

2. You are on my blog roll on the right hand side

I’ve sent you a nail picture. Yay!

Alisa said...

Hey Niki, thanks for the giveaway!

1) I'm a follower, polish fiend (at) bell (dot) net
2) I blogged about your giveaway here -
3) You're already on my blogroll -
4) I tweeted about this giveaway here -
5) I emailed you my (pathetic) nail art

Christina said...

Im a follower!
Christinarhaugen at
I also sent you a mail of my latest nail art:D

Emma said...

1) I'm a follower, email dance_addict93@hotmail (dot) com
2) I blogged here in the sidebar:
3) you're on my blogroll
4) I tweeted here:
5) I'm sending my picture!

thanks! ~Emma

Jo said...

I'm a follower of your blog :)
Happy belated birthday!


Jen said...

happy late birthday, love the nails you did!

for the contest:

I am a follower of your blog, email address is,

posted to twitter here-

and I'll email you over my favorite recent mani :)


Akuma Kanji said...

Count me in Niki! ^__^ I'm a follower, Akuma Kanji. I posted about your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog
My mail is akuma.kanji [at] gmail [dot] com ^__^

Akuma Kanji said...

Happy late birthday!!! :D *** I must send you a gift!

ipehishere said...

Happyyy bday !! :D
enter me pls. i am allready ur followers ;)

the candybox said...

Happy birthday! Following using Google Friend Connect! :)


Saori said...

Hi, first : Happy birthday lady & thanks very much for this giveaway !!
I follow you via google : Saori
I blogged about this giveaway here :
My e-mail :
I e mail you my latest "beautiful" nail art :)
Kiss from France

IK said...

follow u via google friend connect :)


throuthehaze said...

Happy Bday! I am a follower
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Grace Wong said...

thanks for the giveaway, I already follow you!

I blogged:

added to blogroll:

and tweeted:

Happy Bday!!! xD

Julissa said...

Aw, Happy (belated) birthday! Your nails looked awesome!!

I just started following yooou. I'm so excited, though. I wish I would have found you earlier! <3

Anyway! My email address is :)

The Green Fairy said...

Add me for the contest! I am a follower.

^^ Loved the comic nails!

Huguette E. said...

Following blog.

Shared on twitter:

Thanks for the chance :) Happy Birthday!

Tameriska said...

Hi, I follow through Google as Tameriska

tameriska at gmail dot com

cupcakequeen22 said...

I'm following:



cupcakequeen22 said...


Kimberly Purcell said...

Michael Jackson hair on fire trick for your birthday, eh? =O
I follow with GFC. I'm KimberlyPurcell.
My addy is

xXMonsterManiacXx said...

Enter me please
I'm a follower
Ahh those art decos *drool* <3

Katy said...

Eeeek! I'm LOVING those nails! Happy Birthday! You're totally rocking disco ball look! Love it!!!

I'm a Google Friend Connect follower as katygmorris and I just Tweeted about this giveaway here:

I follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris.

Thanks!!! :)

kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

Halifax said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I'm a follower :-)


susies1955 said...

I'm a follower with google friend connect with the name susies1955
My email is
I blogged about it on my sidebar:
I tweeted:

maeloland said...

Hi! thanks for this giveaway and happy birthay!
I'm french and i don't speak english very well...
I'm a new follower: maelo.
and my adress is
And sorry, i don't have a blog.
I send you my a picture of my latest nail art to your e-mail!
Good luck everyone and have a good day from france!

ART OF NAIL said...

happy bday niki!
Im a follower..
you already on my blogroll list..
I will send my latest mani later..

Blueyez said...

Happy belated birthday!
I was reading your post from today (Sumo nails) and had to giggle, my name is Nikki and I was in Japan last spring as well :P *cue Twilight Zone music*
Anyways, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway!

Beauty Vibes said...

hopefully I'm not too late! Happy belated birthday, I'm one of your new followers now :)


Beauty Vibes said...

I blogged about it over here as well:


Beauty Vibes said...

You're already on my blogroll: I blogged about it over here as well:



Abso said...

Hi :=)

I'm follower via google my pseudo is Abso .
My email is
Thanks for the giveaway

LIZ said...

hey, i am your follower :)
enter me :)


LIZ said...

i already post this giveaway in my blogroll


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