Monday, May 10, 2010

Check out StyleCaster

I wanted to share with you another of my interweb finds: StyleCaster.
StyleCaster is a website that has a whole bunch of up to the minute fashion industry news  and great beauty tips including how to speed up your morning beauty routine and how to make your beauty regimen eco-friendly.
Use their search engine to search for "nails" and there’s some really great collections on spring colours, affordable polishes and tips to make your mani last longer - I wish I had that list before I started unpacking tapes in our back room today...can you say mani ruined!?
It also has some great reads on ladies fashion and I especially like their "explore looks" option which will pare down some of the latest styles according to what colours you like, style and body shape. Although - the suggestion to wear tights with cut out triangles for my hour-glass frame, maybe not.
And like any good style/beauty tips website it also has some pretty good and informative video’s that you can check out. A lot of stuff from NARS experts and things like how to wear purple eye shadow – which I’m totally rocking right now! Purple is where it’s at ya’ll.

They also are linked to which makes AWESOME Custom T-shirts that are totally addictive. I actually have a couple from there and now that I've started to explore the page I actually want more. The “Push button Receive bacon” one    MUST BE MINE!!! It’s so brilliant! BAH! Good thing Ben took away my credit cards *sad face*.


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