Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 Min Mani Nails Did

I thought I would post this quick mani before I go down for my third nap of the day lol. Seriously this cold is kicking my butt!! And sorry since I was in such a rush I did take the pick with my iPhone.

Yesterday Ben's fraternity hosted a spring formal. Since it started at 7:30 and we didn't get home until 6, I had about 1 hour to wash my hair and do a quick mani/pedi. Keep in mind that my hair usually takes about 40 min to wash on it's own! So I literally slapped on some Orly Fantasea with Nubar holographic glitter to about halfway down the nail and then some decals from the dollarstore.

Lol I actually got a lot of compliments on them despite the fact I thought they were so shoddy!!

That would actually make for an interesting contest - the 10 min mani challenge!! Hmm...


Eden Bue said...

I often get comments on very shoddy manis... I think people are surprised at the effort/creativity as well as the look, whereas we just think, 'crap, this normally takes me like an hour...'

I think this looks cute :)

Lady C. said...

I definitely agree with Eden. Most people assume a quick and shoddy mani is one coat of color. This still looks really cute and I want to try something like it soon. Probably as a "celebration" of my spring semester of classes starting. >.<'

Definitely a cute mani!

polishsis said...

This looks great for a 10 Min mani! I would love to accept the challenge for a 10 Min mani Contest. I'm not sure I would succes, but I'd love to try!

Niki* said...

Thanks everyone! LOL sometimes its funny because I'll put a lot of effort into a mani and people will be like...well thats nice. and then I spend 10 min on another and they gush over it LOL. Figures.

I think for the giveaway that I'll do after the one I have on now it'll definitely be a 10 min mani challenge!

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