Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mais Oui Nails Did

Oooh la la! I'm feeling a bit better lately and my goal this week is to get back into the swing of things and posting regularly again :) Today I thought I'd do something a bit France inspired since I just received my prize winnings from Glammed Up - the Color Club Pardon My French Collection! I'm usually not into pastels and *gasp* a whole lot of glitter...but they do serve a purpose :) I started off with a base of  Take Me To Your Chateau which is a pale blue creme and free-handed french tips using a combination of Hot Couture and Si Vous Please. Then I used a black nail art pen to give it a little tuxedo twist and topped my thumb off with a little Eiffel Tower and a rhinestone. Simple but nice I think! I hope you all are enjoying your summer days! Its soooooooooo hot here...but I'd rather this than the snow! :)


Rebecca said...

Aww just earlier I was thinking "I wonder if Niki is going to post again soon" and lo and behold, you just did! I love France so I'm enjoying this mani :D

Eden Bue said...

This is so cute! And I think its good to do things we're not normally into, sometimes you rediscover something or change your mind.

Nikki Warner said...

Glad you are feeling better! Welcome back :)

Midge said...

this is super cute! not what I'd expect from you, but I love it, hehe. :)

Niki* said...

Rebecca - ahahah and I did! Yea I'm feeling much better so I'll be back at it again regularily :D

Eden Blue - so true! I guess I'm just so used to things a bit more complex, but I like it!

Nikki - thank you!!

Midge - hahah I'll take that as a compliment ;)

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