Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Many Weddings Nails Did

Okay this is officially my 3rd wedding manicure! I'm all wedding'd out! By the end of the year I'll have just one more (thank goodness). This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending my friend Xavier's wedding to Denise. Xavier and I go way back to high school and all those times he used to bring his dog Ozzy to visit me at the radio station when I was in the studio. He then moved away to Fernie, British Columbia and lives amongst snowy mountains and clean air - jerk LOL. But he came back to the city to tie the knot! It was a truly lovely wedding!

For my mani - which again was rushed :P - I used this new H&M polish I bought called Grey Sky which is a grey with purple hues and a wee bit of shimmer. It comes in this cute little bottle that now I have to go back and buy some more because I used too much already! Ontop I used Konad black and a Bundle Monster Image plate for the stamp. Then I put on some black pearls that I found at the craft store and a little dot of white from a nail art pen in the middle of each flower stamp. I know its a little dark looking for a wedding - but hey my dress was black and I was having an AWFUL time finding a maternity dress suitable enough for a wedding! Yes that's Ben's eye peeking out in my picture.

Oh, and this is me and my longtime friend Teresa doing the chicken dance...which seemed to last forever. She specifically requested it. It was baby's first ho-down! By the way, Teresa also makes some fab beaded jewelery. Pop on by BuonaBam to check it out!


Trincess said...

I lurve the wedding nails you do! =D absolutely amazing!

Niki* said...

Thanks love!

Nikki Warner said...

That dress is so cute on you! Nice wedding mani too!

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