Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Silver and Gold Nails Did

Hey everyone, something easy today!

I have feel feeling MEGA tired and have been passing out routinely at around 9-10pm (I'm hella lame).  I was in a two day conference on women in leadership which has taken more outta me than I thought. But it was great being around so many bright and influential women in my industry especially on International Women's Day.

Anyway, I thought I'd just do something really simple. I wanted to retry what seems to be the now iconic Ruffian manicure from CND Fashion Week but again with a twist of course ;)

So I did every other finger with either China Glaze Platinum Silver and 2030.

Then I free handed the bottom black with Orly Matte Vinyl. Then I went back over that with a dotting tool. LOL wouldnt it have been impressive if I freehanded those open circles!? But I didnt. hahahah!

So I have some big ideas coming up (time permitting of course) as well as a new giveaway as soon as I hit good old 125!!! So excited for that!

I Hope everyone is having a lovely week!
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