Friday, March 12, 2010

MOAR Giveaways!!

 I LOVE seeing all of the fantastic goodies you all put together and as well all of the unknown brands that seem to pop up!

Here are some giveaway's I've passed by:

Nail Junkie is having her very first giveaway - look at that haul! You can enter here for a chance to win.

Sawan is giving away Claires Mood Polishes to 3 lucky winners! Check out her giveaway here.

So festive!!!! Body and Soul is having a St. Patrick's Day giveaway with so many green goodies! I've been really into green and grey lately so I'm sending good vibes out to win this one FOR MYSELF! But if you want to give it a go, you can enter here! :D

I just found this new blog called The Inside of My Purse, and so far its awesome!! I'm even learning some Turkish! Check out her awesome giveaway here which includes polishes AND jewelery!

Happy  Blog Birthday to Polishing The Nails! You can enter this awesome Gosh giveaway here.


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