Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abstract Tetris Nails Did

Trying to do nails that look like Tetris has been on my mind for a while. And today Ben reminded me of the idea.

Also, I LOVE Tetris. Its such a time killer. I've always liked those speed puzzle games and a lot of my childhood was wasted challenging my uncle to either Tetris or Dr. Mario. I'd always win of course.

So I used a lot of colours for this so I'll just list them:
China Glaze:
Neon Purple Panic
For Audrey
Sexy in the City
Solar Power
Liquid Leather

OPI Thrill in Brazil
Nubar Green Tea

To start I painted grids on my nails (over a base coat) with a pen. Then with a striper brush I started to fill in the grid. I also started to paint in the empty areas with black but it actually didn't look right at all so I redid my thumb and left the blank areas blank.
Then I accidently topped it with Seche before I remembered to erase the remaining grid lines. Thus the "abstract" part of my title.

I think they came out pretty cool, although I'm sure that if I didn't tell you it was Tetris maybe you couldn't tell LOL.


l0verlada said...

Ooh! These are so awesome! I used to be so obsessed with Tetris I would see it in my sleep lol.

gildedangel said...

That looks so cool! Tetris was my favorite game as a kid!

sarahloo said...

FUN. this picture jumped right out at me on my blog roll. I love it :D

prettymynails said...

that's so awesome and creative! how do ya do those fine lines/painting on them on your other hand???

Rebecca said...

Haha this is fantastic! I love tetris too, I sometimes play it to kill 5 minutes here and there :D

Niki* said...

thanks everyone!

prettymynails - well, i find that the faster I draw/paint my lines on the other hand the better they come out. If i take my time then they come out shakey. it takes a lot of practice but its funny how you hand becomes more steady over time!

Gabriela said...

I love Tetris! This mani is so original.

icitea said...


oh man. you're the coolest nail decor blogger i've seen so far. Everything's so AWESOME.


Too awesome. I dub thee my muse!
Hm... I'm going to LA; what kind of theme do you think I should do?

Niki* said...

icitea - thank you!!! LOL i was so surprised to see a comment pop up on this post since its so old :D

I think a trip to LA deserves some hollywood glitz and glamour treatment with some starts and glitter. Walk of fame style :) Thanks for stoppin by!

Sylvia said...

That's so cute!

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