Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mod lines Nails Did

So before I get into the nails I'd like your opinion! I'm in the market for some cookware since my Teflon pan isn't so Teflon anymore. What I mean to say is I scratched it with a fork. Okay a BBQ fork. So I'm looking for some new pans and came across these ones called Le Creuset. They look pretty snazzy! Has anyone out there used them or is anyone a cooking expert that can tell me what they think? This website actually has some good deals on the wok's too, and considering my current wok from IKEA smells like burnt rubber and soy sauce everytime I try to cook in it I think its time for a new one.

But I digress - onto my nails! So I just got China Glaze Recycle, I know I know I'm behind the times. But I love it! It also reminds me that I want to find a lighter grey too cause I think that would look even better paired with colours. I don't know why I do this to myself but I used nail guides and striped on some Nubar Green Tea for the green and China Glaze Lemon Fizz for the yellow to get a subtle mod look. Kinda love it. Kinda hate nail guides. BAH!


ART OF NAIL said...

simply beautiful..=) i like it

maRyya said...

so cute!
i'm following you
please visit my blog if you have time and follow me
i'm having a giveaway!

Laynie said...

Oh, this is CUTE! At first I thought it was a reflection. Then I saw it was stripes, and liked it even more!

jbrobeck said...

Le Creuset is a great brand! My mom has had some of hers for over 20 years

Niki* said...

Art of Nail - Thank you!

maRyya - thanks!

Laynie- LOL yea it does look a bit like a reflection :)

jbrobeck - Awesome, thanks for the info, I think I'm going to save a bit and buy a few pieces!

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