Thursday, August 5, 2010

In The Navy Nails Did

So I'm in total love with this shirt that I obtained from a clothing swap held by my friend. Mostly because it covers my baby bump, its super cute, and it was FREE!! You can never beat free...unless someone paid you to wear it...I guess that would beat it.

Anyway, my friend Mel also went to Lake Placid and brought me back Orly Royal Navy! I was excited to try it so I paired that as a base with some red and white nail art pens and used my dotting tool with China Glaze 2030 for the "buttons". I think it looks super cute with my shirt!!

By the way - if you haven't already you have ONE more day to enter my Eyeko Polish Giveaway! DO IT.


Jamie K. said...

really really cool! 2030 is an awesome colour to be paired with cremes i see :)

Laynie said...

Wow, that is too adorable! And congratulations on the bump! Looking at your nails, I thought you'd used little metal studs instead of polish! It's a really cute look, and it's fab with your shirt!

maRyya said...

very nice
when will you announce the winner of the giveaway?

Niki* said...

Jamie K - 2030 is pretty much awesome with everything I've tried with it! Such a great purchase!!

Laynie - thank you! Metal studs would be a good idea too - I think I'll search them out next time I'm at the craft store :)

myRyaa - soon. My weekend consisted of a wedding and two baby showers so hopefully I'll get to it tonight!

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