Friday, February 24, 2012

Madame Butterfly Wedding Nails Did

So I have a wedding to go to tomorrow - the first of 8 this year! WHOOO?! My dress is this kind of olive colour that I bought from Dress Barn (most unsexy store name EVER). But it looks really good on me! So I wanted to do something green and reflective and I thought of butterflies! 
So to begin with, using a sponge, I did a gradient of Nubar Wildlife, Gosh Golden Dragon, China Glaze 2030, and China Glaze OMG. Then using a black nail art pen I filled in the black, dotted with a white, gold and light green nail art pens and topped it with Sally Hansen Disco Ball (really sparkly rainbow glitter).
Top: with flash to capture some of the holo. Bottom: trying to capture the sparkle 

My pictures sadly don't do it justice and IRL it looks crazy holo + sparkly. I think it would also look ten times better if only my nails were longer but every time I try to grow them even a little bit they automatically break :( I think I have to start investing in some sort of strengthening serum.


Laynie said...

Isn't it frustrating trying to take pics of holo polishes?! What's worse... trying to take pics of stamping on holo without having the holo obliterate the stamping... *laughs* It was a strange morning here!

That is so pretty, and looks like it'd be absolutely gorgeous in person! I knew exactly what it was before I even read your post!

Niki* said...

Thank you! And yea snapping holo is pretty much impossible and I give up easy lol

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