Monday, January 30, 2012

Pom Pom and Rainy Day Bento

My computer and I are fighting right now. Who knew it would be so hard to install Lion OSX and backup to timeline!? Seriously it's been a three day battle! So that is why I have a backlog of TWO bento to show you!

Okay so I've had a major headache for three days and threw this together, stepped back and said "I guess it's cheerleaders?" so that's what we're going with! The cheerleaders are made of meatball, nori faces, cheese collars, and of course hotdog pompoms. Beside that is some alphagetti with peas and cheese. Top tier is a medley of strawberries, kiwis, and

blueberries beside some cheese sandwiches.

Tonight's bento is more of a rainy day theme. The bottom tier is spread with alphagetti (boy likes his pasta!), meatballs, spinach, peas, and a cloud and rain made from cheese with a nori and tomato face.

Top tier is a kiwi, mandarin, and blueberry mix alongside chicken and cheese sandwiches shaped into cars!

Phewph! Now if my computer will stop fighting me I'll get up a nail post next!!


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