Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caterpillar Yum Bento

First off let me just mention that I did NOT choose the nori face for this caterpillar which makes it kind of look like a very odd dog - that was all Ben. But I guess you get the gist anyway right?

So the caterpillar is made of plain rice balls with nori hearts and face for accents and is nestled in a kale leaf. It's antennae and feet are slices of shrimp. Then we tried to get some veggies in there by adding a few pieces of sweet potato, brocolli, mushroom and cauliflower.

For his second tier we made him some gouda and cheddar bears with carrot crescents and corn puffs with raspberries and strawberries for desert.

And yes, my 1 year old REALLY eats this much. He's a fatty lol.


Akuma Kanji said...

Ahahaahha, amazing bentos again! Kai is absolutely my hero by eating so much as I do! (Ok, maybe a little less :P)

Niki* said...

LOL Dan :) I didn't mention that I ALSO send two snacks with him. hahaha

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