Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you know about Julep?

I was looking around for some new nail polish brands that I have yet to try when I came across Julep Polish and nail care collection. Has anyone used this yet?

Some of the colours look SO amazingly rich! Here are the one's I'm lemming over:
A Forest Green called Emelie
A really saturated violet called Anne
Taylor, a sky blue
Leah, a grass green
I'm really loving the greens!!!
And what makes it even more appealing is that they have this thing called Julep Maven Service which is a nail polish subscription service, which I'm totally new to, which sends you different polishes selected for you each month. And $1 from every purchase goes towards Julep's charitable service that helps to empower women. You can read more in this Julep Maven Review.

Now each polish is $14 which is why I kind of like the idea of the subscription service, AND really the Sephora by OPI line isnt much cheaper by comparison.

Plus I'm a sucker for deep hues. I may just have to get a few of these for some landscape nail art!

What do you guys think??


Smoochiefrog said...

I just joined Julep. I liked the first box I received, and am patiently waiting for the second box. If you'd like a referral, I'd be happy to provide you with one.

Anonymous said...

I like Julep, and the Maven boxes are pretty cool, but honestly, I don't know if the polishes are worth the price unless you do the box. They are .25 oz, so it would work out to $28 for the same amount as a bottle of Sephora OPI. But I think there are some codes out there to let you try the Maven boxes for pretty cheap the first month, so if you're interested, I would recommend giving that a go! :)

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