Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Glee Nails Did

So for my birthday my friend Jenn treated me to the Glee Live concert that came to Toronto. I'm a BIG Glee fan so lets just say I was a bit more than excited. Its also a good time to go out with the girls and get away from the kid! We also had great seats which made spending all that money totally worth it :D

So of course for the occasion I did my nails. I'm showing you my right hand because just as I was leaving - Kai is teething so I was putting some gel on his gums and he decided to chomp down on my left hand and smudge 2 of my nails :( So you'll get to see my ambidexterity at work I guess! I wrote the Glee logo on each nail and then did the loser symbol on my thumb, but please forgive it I did do it with my left hand!!!

I used Joe Fresh Pineapple with Sally Hansen Disco Ball on top. I then used a red nail art pen to do the logo and lettering.

Here are also some pics from the show! SUCH A GOOD TIME!


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