Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fotolia Review + Free Subscription!

I'm a big fan of design and messing around with photoshop. I design most of my stuff myself including this blog's banner and Kai's birth announcement:
So I know how hard it can be to find good quality photo stock that is royalty free!! Fotolia boasts an impressive library of just that including vectors and video!

Fotolia also works on a credit based system (credits start as low as $0.75 per) which means that you can get amazing quality stuff for really cheap. No more photoshopping the watermarks out of photos people - you know who you are.

If you would like a FREE TWO WEEK SUBSCRIPTION then all you have to do is email me at polishondigitalpaper(at)gmail.com and I'll send you a coupon code. I only have 5 - so be sure to email me soon! Or else you'll miss out on all the free "dogs licking an ice cream cone" photos!


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