Thursday, November 25, 2010

Man vs Food Nails Did

 I LOVE the show Man Vs Food. I think its because I can just live vicariously through the host while he eats all of the delicious things that I could never think to put into my body! If you haven't seen the show its on the Travel Network and basically this guy goes around the US sampling really outrageous food and then every episode ends in a food challenge.

He's done things like try to eat a 12 patty hamburger, eat 5 extremely hot chicken wings, 180 oysters and so on. He did eat the most delicious looking hamburger ever though - the grilled cheese burger. And yea, this is the replica that I made, and ate, not gonna lie. IT WAS AMAZING.

So I did the show logo on my nails. For the base I used Nubar NV2 then brushed "x"'s with OPI's Curry Up Don't Be Late, My Big Break, and a purple nail art pen. For the (very badly done at least in the head) wrestler man, I used for his skin a mix of China Glaze White on White, Lemon Fizz and Colour Club Pardon My French. The "vs" is China Glaze Solar Power outlined with a black nail art pen. And lastly the burger bun is a mix of China Glaze Solar Power and Coconut Kiss with nail art pens for the toppings and Rimmel Torrid for the patties.
Yea I'm hungry again...


Akuma Kanji said...

I don't know that show and I love food shows! I must search for it! :D This is your excuse to eat a lot so, eat up! :D

Manicure Addict said...

hah awesome, loved the show love the nails!

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