Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nursery Tree Nails Did

So I was waiting all week since my last nail art to do this art after I went to get my special mani and pedi with paraffin wax - and then it turned out to be pretty much the worst manicure I've ever had...EVER. You'll see the girl literally hacked at my cuticles. The paraffin was neat, but I won't be going back to that salon. I pulled out OPI's Banana Bandana, and they put two coats on which looked like 1 coat it was so streaked. It was so bad I should have taken a picture, but I asked that they not waste a top coat and by the time I got home most of it was smudged off and I replaced it anyway. Bah. So anyway I was still feeling yellow so I put on China Glaze Lemon Fizz and did some nail art with a black, white and green art pen. I thought I would do a design to match the decal that Ben and I just put up in the nursery of a really funky/modern tree! Hope you like it!!!


KarenD said...

Adorable! Sorry about the cuticle massacre; I don't know why pros do that.

rins said...

Hi! First, I really love the design on your nursery and how you mimicked it on your nails! How cool is that?

I'm sorry about your nail salon experience. I can relate. It's confusing, really. They're supposed to be the professionals and yet they can't even apply nail polish properly. :(

Jackie S. said...


Jackie S. said...

an about the cuticles, that is nail rape...OMG, I would have screamed and left immediately. No worries, a little TLC and they will be back to normal.

Akuma Kanji said...

Your cuticles look worse than mine usually do! Oh my gosh those people! You should sue them :P but the nursery mani is very pretty and sweet ^__^ ***

Niki* said...

LOL I know! They didnt even photograph badly they are just that torn apart :(

I've been rubbing Lemony Flutter and cuticle oil on them for a couple of days now so hopefully they bounce back. Poor cuticles

Thanks for the comments on the nursery! Its really coming together!

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