Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Bling Nails Did

with flash
Whooh what a crazy week! I've been off on maternity leave now since last Thursday and I know I'm supposed to use this time to rest up before the baby comes but really I've been on the go EVERY DAY! But I did find some time last night to do my nails. I wanted to do something not so typically "Christmas" so I did a sort of winter wonderland feel. Please forgive my lack of watermark (please don't steal my pics, they're crappy anyway LOL) since I'm working on my new macbook and don't have Photoshop set up yet :(

without flash
I used Orly Rage with some snowflake rhinestones and little blue and silver beads that I picked up for really cheap on Ebay! Slapped it all on with nail glue (hate that stuff) and Sally Hansen's  Top Coat. Does anyone know of a topcoat or technique that won't dull your rhinestones??

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe Holiday!! All the best leading up to the new year and beyond! And please send me some blessings to get this baby out - its due on Thursday!!!


GabZ1985 said...

Yay for wonderland! Would the little beads stick on the nails with just a dab of top coat? I hate using glue as well..

I know this'll sound like an ad for something, and it really isn't (I just like sharing tips!), but if you still haven't installed Photoshop, you can use the website for watermarks and basic modifications. I lack skills when it comes to programs like Photoshop, so picnik's been my godsend! You have to register, but it's completely free to use, and super easy and fast. Hope this helps!

Take care! :D

Niki* said...

Hi Gab!

The topcoat would have worked but I think only for a day. I really want to find nail glue that comes in a really fine tip so I can do lines etc instead of gloops :S

Thanks for the tip on the website! I'll definitely check it out. I've been slacking since getting my new macbook and haven't transferred my photo files over yet :D

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