Sunday, December 27, 2009

Robots and Rhinestones Nails Did

So my Konad nail manicure didn't last very long - which happens especially when I put too many rhinestones on them and then I sit in the car and absentmindedly pick at the rhinestones until they fall off and I'm screaming curse words while my brother is trying to talk about rent money or some crap. So I redid them WITH EVEN BIGGER RHINESTONES. Ben asks me if I learned my rhinestone lesson and I say to him - "pfft. Clearly not."

So these kinda remind me of robots, I guess its just the silver or something. Whatever, I like them. And as of one day later out of 10 applied rhinestones I have 4 remaining. I think I lost them in the following places: the couch, the bathroom, the car, my aunt's house, down Sapporo's throat, and into my hair. Seriously I'm going to find that shit next time I wash it.

So I did these with China Glaze's Silver Chrome, Sexy in the City and Turned up Turquoise. Then for the lines and dots just a nail art pen in black. Then affixed with some turquoise rhinestones from the dollarstore!


Ben said...

Pick up the damn rhinestones which are now everywhere.

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