Friday, April 29, 2011

If you're looking for a new place to e-shop why not swing by for some great deals on really cool stuff?

Having a kid I'm now carrying a full arsenal of diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toys, pacifiers (seriously the list goes on) so it's also sparked a new obsession of mine: BAGS! Become has some very cool messenger bags for girls. Here are the two that I like the best:

They also carry teva flip flops which are perfect for the upcoming summer weather and keeping those pedicures nice and smudge free! Aren't these cute?

They also carry Oasis shoes which have great styles from runners (for all those long walks to get this baby weight off!) to sexy strappy's for those date nights that I'll NEVER HAVE AGAIN! *cries* These are on my list:
So check them out for this stuff and more - you may find something just right!

*this post was brought to you by your friends at Become. Please see my full disclaimer at the bottom.


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